Ride on the elevated! Baotong Street “subject 3” live explanation!

Another day tomorrow, Baotong Street expressway will be opened to traffic.

In order to facilitate the general public to feel the Baotong Street Expressway in the past two days, it is open for a limited time.

Many citizens come to experience it on foot or by bike.

Today, when a guide takes you to “stroll” the street! Please accept this guide to Baotong Street Expressway! On the site of Baotong Street expressway, it can be seen that the Baotong Street expressway project has entered the final completion, and cleaning and other greening are under way Supporting facilities are being improved.

Photography / copyright of Li Kai.

There are no traffic lights in the viaduct of Baotong Street expressway.

The new road surface is flat and wide.

All kinds of traffic signs along the line are perfect at a glance.

Of course, there are many highlights on the road.

It is understood that the noise reduction expansion joint is fully called S120 comb plate noise reduction expansion joint device.

Its width is 12cm.

This expansion joint with large expansion width, It can better reduce the impact force when the vehicle passes through the expansion joint device, so as to achieve the purpose of noise reduction.

It is understood that the fully enclosed sound barrier starts from Jinma road in the West and Bohai Road in the East, with a total length of about 320 meters.

High standard sound insulation facilities such as sound insulation cotton and sound baffle are installed on it.

In addition to intersections, high standard semi enclosed sound barriers are designed on both sides of the viaduct, which can also effectively reduce noise and will not affect the landscape of the viaduct.

On the west side of the intersection of Baotong East Street and Zhiyuan Road, workers are beautifying the tree pool.

Picture source: Cheng Hailong, deputy manager of the project Department of Weifang Changda Landscaping Engineering Co., Ltd.

of Weifang evening news, said: “we are mainly responsible for the greening project from Baotong Street Expressway Zhiyuan road to Dongfang Road, covering an area of more than 100000 square meters.

It is the first project in Weifang to apply large-scale sponge city to greening.” It is understood that the project includes dry stream, rainwater garden, white asphalt retention landscape characteristic water channel Water retaining weir, sunken green space and other facilities have enhanced the city’s urban drainage system’s ability to cope with extreme weather and improved the city’s ecological environment quality.

The greening project will end at the end of March 2022.

The opening section of Baotong Street expressway is Beihai Road – Zhiyuan road.

The time is from 9:00 to 21:00 today and tomorrow.

Citizens can walk or ride on the elevated road.

On the first day of limited opening, many cities People came to the scene for a visit and a group photo of the bridge.

A friendly reminder that pedestrians and non motor vehicles are not allowed to pass after the expressway is opened to traffic.

You can’t miss this “down-to-earth” visit! Many citizens said in the interview that they are very proud to see the Baotong Street expressway.

The road is spacious and clean.

It closely connects the East and west of Weifang like a dragon, improves the East-West rapid traffic capacity of the city, alleviates the north-south traffic pressure, and the humanized design also makes the citizens praise that “Weifang is more and more like a first tier city.

I hope the more such viaducts, the better!” Mr.

Li, a citizen who came to visit, said how to get to Baotong Street expressway, which is about to open to traffic? We should do a good job in this class.

Weifang traffic police issued the latest notice.

After all supporting facilities are completed, the punishment for violations of expressway will refer to the punishment standards for Expressway parking, reversing, turning around and retrograde, Refer to expressway management regulations for punishment “On the expressway, sudden deceleration, parking and reversing are safety taboos, which can easily lead to rear end collision, scraping and even multi vehicle collision accidents.

As a closed one-way channel, the urban expressway is not as fast as the expressway, but the traffic flow is no smaller than the expressway.

Therefore, reversing, retrograde, turning around or parking will cause serious potential safety hazards.” LV Chaoyi, deputy squadron leader of the special service brigade of the traffic police detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, said that the main line of Baotong Street expressway is a two-way six lane expressway.

Unless the vehicle breaks down and other special circumstances, it is not allowed to park on the expressway (elevated road).

Pay attention to the traffic restrictions on the elevated road of Baotong street.


Pedestrians and non motor vehicles are prohibited; 2.

Motorcycles (except police motorcycles), electric bicycles, tractors, agricultural machinery vehicles, three wheeled vehicles, low-speed vehicles, and two wheeled, three wheeled and four wheeled vehicles that do not meet the provisions of motor vehicle registration are prohibited.


Medium and heavy trucks are prohibited (medium: the total mass is greater than or equal to 4500kg and less than 12000kg, heavy: the total mass is greater than or equal to 12000kg), school buses, buses, vehicles with coach license plates, tractors, wheeled mechanical vehicles, special operation vehicles and motor vehicles with a height of more than 4.5m are allowed to pass; 4.

Motor vehicles carrying explosives, flammable and explosive chemicals, highly toxic, radioactive and other dangerous goods are prohibited to pass through that ‘s ok; 5.

Special vehicles performing municipal facilities maintenance, engineering rescue, sanitation operation and public security traffic management tasks on elevated roads are not subject to traffic restrictions.

Traffic regulations on ground road of Baotong street 1 Prohibit the passage of motor vehicles with a height of more than 4.5m; 2.

Pedestrians prohibited from walking on elevated roads Non motor vehicles and motor vehicles that meet the traffic regulations in the central urban area (except those with a height of more than 4.5m) can pass on the ground road.

The traffic speed regulations of Baotong Street Expressway 1.

The speed limit of Baotong Street elevated road is 80km / h (except for the speed limit of 60km / h in the highway railway overpass section), the speed limit of up and down ramps is 40km / h.


The speed limit of the main road of Baotong Street ground road is 50km / h, and the speed limit of the auxiliary road is 30km / h.

In case of bad weather and other emergencies, it shall be subject to the management of the public security traffic management department.

If it is necessary to cross, cross the expressway, erect and add pipeline facilities due to the maintenance and maintenance of the expressway, The consent of the municipal administrative department shall be obtained in advance; If it affects traffic safety and passage, it shall obtain the consent of the traffic control department of public security..