12 ways to save money by riding old birds

If the required equipment, maintenance and event registration fees are included, riding this sport still costs some money.

So how can we enjoy riding and skillfully cut expenses at the same time? Xiao Bian will talk with you today.


Consciously take good care of your car.

For the major renovation of your bike or the need for substantial maintenance of your car, you can consider the local bicycle store.

There is no problem.

But if it’s just a small-scale fine-tuning, you can actually DIY yourself.

Repairing your bike by yourself can help you reduce unnecessary expenses.

At the same time, you will have a sense of achievement and cherish your car more.

You can learn to clean your bike first, and then do basic routine lubrication for some key parts of the bike.

These services can avoid some unnecessary technical errors.

Regularly check the bolts in the relevant parts of the car to ensure that they are tightened.

Try to learn how to replace the routing.

This step needs to be done once a year, which will regenerate your bike.

If you have questions about your maintenance skills? It doesn’t matter.

You can refer to some videos and tips on getting started with bicycle maintenance on the Internet.


You don’t have to buy expensive riding equipment that you can only use in winter.

Instead of buying a pile of fully armed winter riding equipment, you’d better make use of the clothes you wear in winter.

For example, wear a pair of tight pantyhose; Seal the air holes on the riding shoes with strong tape, etc.

When the weather is very cold, you can keep warm by wearing ski pants and outdoor soft shell jacket.

Remember, the position of the right wrist should not be too close to the inside of the car, otherwise it is easy to get chain oil or even roll into the chain.

Try tying your trouser legs with a tight rubber band? The effect is good.


If you want to participate, register early.

If you want to participate, don’t wait until the last day before the registration deadline to register and pay.

Because you may have to spend extra unnecessary money.

Not to mention a financial deposit.

If you want to save more money, you can sign up as a volunteer so that you can get free tickets.


Find equipment discount stores and old bicycle exchange points on the Internet.

Newsletter: you don’t need to buy your beloved equipment at retail price; Just search the Internet a little (or old bicycle exchange point), you can save a lot of money.

You can go to websites like Sierra tradingpost, Nashbar, performancebike haitao.com from time to time to see the discount information of riding related items, such as inner tube, chain lubricant, energy bar, riding food, or riding clothes, as well as second-hand kits.

Of course, old bicycle exchange points are also good It is a good place to buy because there is no need to pay additional customs duties, freight, etc.

You just need to know what you want to buy and what you want.

If in doubt, you can spend a little money to consult the local bicycle clerk and ask them if they have any professional suggestions on purchase.

What are the biggest benefits of buying online or at an old bike exchange? Of course, when you are ready to upgrade your new cycling kit, you can sell your old bicycle equipment to make some extra money, and then buy what you want.


There is no doubt that energy bars and nutritional capsules are good companions for long-distance cycling, but they are usually expensive and sometimes don’t taste delicious.

So, at this time, if you want to save money, you might as well do it yourself.

Put some peanut butter and butter jam in your cycling shirt and bring a bag of raisins and almonds or home-made energy bars.

There are also many recipes for homemade snacks on the Internet.

Just remember not to try new recipes on the day of an important event.

After all, an uncomfortable stomach is the worst for a knight.


Organize our own training camp.

Of course, we all hope to be guided by professional coaches before major competitions or cycling events.

But it also costs money to hire a coach.

It’s better to save money and organize a pre game training camp by yourself.

You can make a plan according to the goal you want to achieve and practice all the requirements to achieve that goal.

Then slowly move towards your goal by repeating the training.

Wait until the day of the game, you will be physically and mentally ready to meet the challenge.


As a brand ambassador, I like the equipment of a bicycle company, but I don’t have money to buy it because the retail price is too expensive? Then hurry to see if they have a brand ambassador program, because candidates usually have some benefits, such as discounted goods or free goods if they are lucky.


Join a cycling team or club.

Why do you say that? Because the club is not only social (team training riding, after season party, skill learning, carnival, etc.) in addition to this advantage, members of the club can usually get good prices for riding clothes and equipment, and sometimes even get the whole vehicle.

Many local bicycle sponsors will sponsor a team or club.

At the same time, you can also surf the Internet to find out if there are local bicycles Car Racing Association, look at the list and contact information of those cycling teams.


Repair the flat tire by yourself.

Among all the bicycle parts, the tire is the easiest to break and the most frequently replaced.

So, Instead of throwing the flat inner tube into the trash can (then spend $5 or more to buy a new inner tube).

It’s better to fill the air leakage hole with a repair tool or fill the tire with a small amount of tire sealant.

If you choose the latter method, first pull out the valve core, then inject a little sealant, and then replace the valve core.

Then turn the tire to keep the sealant in the flat tire position 。.

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