Xianggezong, the Xindu Bridge of Sichuan-Tibet Line Cycling

On June 9, 2022, Xindu Bridge – Xianggezong 7:50-17:30, Xindu Bridge – Yajiang – Xianggezong.

(Light rain in the morning) It rained a little in the morning, and the scenery of Xinduqiao was not to be seen.

In the early stage, it was either light rain or not light rain.

If you encounter the low temperature of the plateau again, and then encounter the downhill, it would be great.

It would not freeze to death, and it would make you unconscious.

We encountered the situation that we could not move forward any more in the back.

We also called the owner of the inn to tow the car.

We were really not able to move forward with the remaining ten kilometers.

We waited for half an hour by the heater of the collector before we became aware.

(“318” is a symbol) In the morning, I passed the longest tunnel of 318 for more than 5000 meters.

The road is uneven and the lighting is not good.

I have to open my eyes and be careful, because the traffic is not slow.

(Gorsi Tunnel) Depart at 7:50 in the morning and arrive at Yajiang at 13:00.

About 65 kilometers away, Yajiang County is not big and it feels like it is only a few blocks away.

We order a double-boiled pork and a scrambled egg with tomatoes, take a rest, and then continue to leave at 14:00.

(Yajiang County) (Elevation change map hanging on the wall of the restaurant) Climb about 17km in the afternoon and arrive at the Three Sisters Inn at 17:30.

The scenery here is pretty good.

It takes 8 hours and 10 minutes to ride, but the slope is too long.

We simply “lie flat”, sit down and eat a peach and have a rest.

(Honestly “lying flat”) Although I was tired and pushed a lot in the last few kilometers, the graffiti on the highway guardrail I saw was very interesting, which relieved a lot of fatigue in “climbing”, and the fun did not decrease.

(Yajiang Xianggezong: Graffiti (Group 1)) I don’t know whether I should agree with this graffiti behavior, but without it, we would have less fun and motivation to climb the slope, because we always want to see what the next person writes.

(Yajiang – Xianggezong: graffiti (group photo 2)) We arrived at the Three Sisters Inn at five o’clock.

The sky was still blue, the sun was very big, and the weather was very good.

We couldn’t help but take pictures.

Take pictures and eat later.

I also heard that the Three Sisters’ Inn is the Cyber Red Inn, but when I arrived, none of the sisters saw it.

I was somewhat disappointed, but the cultural scenery still filled all eyes.

(The sheep of Shanke) (I think this is the most humane picture of my trip) 2023.1.19.