In the Spring Festival business | City cycling, green travel away from congestion

When you return to work after the Spring Festival holiday, are you worried about the traffic congestion on the commuter road? UPLAND city car will take you away from the urban congestion.

For most people living in the city, a good and beautiful bicycle is the core demand.

UPLAND EMILY city car is elegant and easy to get on and off.

SHIMANO 21 speed transmission meets the basic demand of urban cycling ⬆ Click the picture to learn more ⬆ UPLANDBURGES city car is exquisite, simple, light, and highly valued.

It provides “customized” comfort and urban atmosphere combining classic and modern ⬆ Click the picture to learn more ⬆ At the beginning of the new year, choose a UPLAND city bike to start your urban cycling life.

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