Why do you drag your legs every time you ride?

This is a question that a cyclist will have whenever and wherever.

Why is my car always so slow? It is clear that you can still blast your teammates in front of you when you last rode a bike.

Why is it so different today, even a little hard? What on earth is it? It lowers your riding speed! 1.

Low tire pressure Low tire pressure will reduce the rolling speed of your bike, which means you must redouble your efforts to catch up with your teammates.

Another possibility is that there is a slight puncture on your tire, which causes the gas in the tire to be released slowly, but the tire will not burst.

In serious cases, you need to repair or replace the tire.

If it is not serious, you only need to pump air.

In order to obtain greater rolling speed and better handling, we recommend that the tire pressure be around 100PSI (for reference only, the actual tire pressure is subject to personal conditions).


Have you found that the wind resistance is too large, as long as you go out to ride, it will become riding against the wind? In fact, many times you are always against the wind, which is one of the inexplicable natural phenomena.

The good news, however, is that because of the adverse wind, your legs will become more powerful.


Although it is easy to ignore that you need chain oil, it does bring some small changes.

The dry chain will not move as smoothly as the lubricated one.

When you use dry chain, you will consume your power in vain, and the mobile efficiency will also be reduced.

Of course, if the chain is too wet, it is not a good thing.

For example, it will get dirty on the road.


Ectopic braking is a common mechanical problem, but it is often ignored by many people.

If you use lap brake, it may happen to you.

After stopping the car, perhaps an accidental bump will make the brake pads and wheel sets fit together, resulting in what should have been a very easy ride as hard as pushing the brake forward.

When you ride a bike easily a second ago, and you become tired after a rest, you must check whether the brake position has changed.


The illusion of flat road should be the illusion that all cyclists have experienced.

A road seems to be flat, but your legs always feel very tired.

At this time, you might as well look down at your code table.

Perhaps you are confused by this “flat road”, although a small slope will make you feel different.


When you have checked all the contents we have mentioned above, you still feel very difficult.

Maybe you should reflect on whether there is something wrong with yourself.

It’s not your car that has a problem.

The key is you! Weak! Explode! Yes! Grip your teeth and start practicing hard.

Nothing in the world will become easy without reason..