Cycling | Every step forward comes from real exertion

The small and beautiful insistence on a poem, a painting, a photograph and a thousand strokes every day is still strong.

Riding poem: Qully, Founder of the official account “Butterfly on the Eyes”, the principal of M50cm space.

The painter introduces Cui Tong, who graduated from the Department of Fine Arts Education of Harbin Normal University and has a master’s degree in Chinese painting in the Academy of Fine Arts of Shanghai University.

He used to be a reporter and editor of Heilongjiang Morning Post, a member of Shanghai Ink and Ink Studio, and a researcher of Heilongjiang Provincial Academy of Painting.

The photographer introduces Douge, the founder of Yonghe soymilk.

Beautiful things always come from the eyes to the heart, and then they are brewed in the heart, flowing out poetic and picturesque…

Let’s write poetry and paint together! The poem is also simple, and the heart is also simple.

You can submit it directly by replying.

The beautiful journey starts, waiting for you to read the secretary carefully in the past period | read the thin and thick, and then read the thick and thin Yangpu Bridge | It is my heart that plays you | Every day after that, it will be so warm and bright spring | The hope of spring will be as sweet as ever | Leave yesterday in yesterday’s New Year, just wait for a snow | The good painting depicting plum and snow lasts for a few minutes every day, insisting on the great difference.

Poetry and painting nourish you.

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