When riding in Fujian in spring, you must punch the 6 immortal routes!

Tuyuan · Li Kuquan Spring is the most suitable season for measuring cities by bike.

The warm spring breeze is not anxious, the green trees and colorful flowers are vibrant, and everything is just right.

The speed depends on the heart.

Everything in sight is gentle and warm.

Coupled with the warm sunshine, you instantly fall in love.

Let’s follow in our footsteps and unlock these six scenic cycling routes in Fujian, where we will encounter different cities/ Fuzhou · Embrace the journey of fresh oxygen/ ♀️ Nanjiangbin Avenue ♀️ Tuyuan · Ye Yibin There are many routes suitable for cycling in Fuzhou, starting from Nanjiangbin Avenue, starting from Jiefang Bridge, and ending at the Strait Convention and Exhibition Center.

You can enjoy the most beautiful scenery of the riverside in Fuzhou by day and night.

During the day, you can ride to the Pan Chuan Pu Catholic Church, with Gothic architecture and romantic beauty.

You can also visit the Flower Sea Park to watch seasonal flower exhibitions, and explore the artistic atmosphere at the Yantai Mountain and Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Overlooking the riverside at night, the night scenery of Zhongzhou Island and both banks of the Binjiang River is breathtaking, with the light clouds and water sinking in the sky.

Nanjiangbin Avenue has few cars and a spacious road.

The ride length is not long, making it suitable for novices to ride, but it is also enough for a full weekend.

Nanjiangbin Avenue ⭕ Cycling route: Jiefang Bridge – Zhongzhou Island – Yantai Mountain Park – Fanchuanpu Catholic Church – Huahai Park – Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center ♀️ Length: about 7 kilometers Estimated time: about 40 minutes Difficulty coefficient: ★/Xiamen · Romantic Tour Around the Island/ ♀️ Xiamen Huandao Road ♀️ The sky is blue and the sea is clear, and the winds and clouds are blowing freely.

You can ride on the Xiamen Island Ring Road, known as the “Golden Coast”, facing the sea and seeing the sea.

The above two pictures show Li Kuquan singing and walking along the way, taking a group photo with the landmark Shimao Strait Building across the Yanwu Bridge, and leaning against Xiamen University on the Baicheng Beach.

They can experience the charm of an intellectual institution, explore the style of Huli Mountain Fort, go to Zengcuo’an and Yefeng Village to take a card to enjoy the unique cuisine and ocean customs, and watch the clouds rolling and relaxing at Huangcuo Beach.

The riding route of Tuyuan · Xiaohongshu Duoke Doc is relatively long and can be carried within our capabilities, but along the way, there are scenic spots that can be played while riding, Enjoying the pleasure of slowly awakening the sea and body during the ride is like exploring the spring in the wind.

Xiamen Huandao Road ⭕ Cycling route: Yanwu Bridge – Baicheng Beach, Xiamen University – Hulishan Fort – Zengcuo’an – Huangcuo Beach – Yefeng Village – International Exhibition Center – Guanyin Mountain – Wuyuan Bay ♀️ Length: About 30 kilometers Estimated time: About 2.5 hours Difficulty coefficient: ★★★★★/Pingtan · Free Mountain and Sea Tour/ ♀️ North Line Roundabout ♀️ As an island, Pingtan has four roundabout routes available in the east, west, north, and south.

Each route can arrange a one-day journey.

The blue sea, moored fishing boats, Yangtze River Australian windmills, and Shicuo Village are all attractions that make people linger and forget to return.

Here, we recommend a northern route with the “Most Beautiful Roundabout Island Road”.

Starting from Longwangtou, follow a sunrise by the sea, go to Xianrenjing to see the magnificent waves and sand, stop at Beigang Cultural and Creative Village to enjoy a seafood feast, ride on the most beautiful roundabout island road, encounter mountains and seas on the side, and enjoy the freedom of being accompanied by stone houses.

Finally, take photos with windmills and sunset clouds in Changjiang Bay.

Every journey is a surprise.

North Line Roundabout ⭕ Cycling route: Longwangtou Beach → East China Sea Wonderland Scenic Area (bus stop) → Beigang Cultural and Creative Village → the most beautiful roundabout section → Yangtze River Ao Wind Farm Scenic Area ♀️ Length: About 30 kilometers Estimated time: About 2.5 hours Difficulty coefficient: ★★★★/Zhangzhou · Tour facing the sea/ ♀️ Sufengshan Island Ring Road ♀️ Tuyuan · Cao Jianping Sufeng Mountain Roundabout Island Road is a coastal highway surrounding Sufeng Mountain, built around mountains, with green tree-shaded peaks on one side and the boundless blue sea on the other, with a total length of about 8.53 kilometers.

In early spring, when traveling to Dongshan Island, you can make an appointment to rent an electric car in advance, and take photos while riding on the roundabout road to spend a beautiful morning.

Tuyuan · Jiang Kehong Tuyuan · Wu Wei certainly can’t miss the magnificent scenery of Jinluan Bay at night.

Go to the Guandi Temple to pray for family and friends, take a funny photo with Fengshi, and at sunset, climb the summit of Sufeng Mountain, enjoy the panoramic view of the island, watch fishing boats and white sails adorn the Malan Bay, with the sun shining on the sea and the rippling water.

Tuyuan · @ I am a seaside person and a @ portrait hero, Su Fengshan Island Ring Road ⭕ : Cycling route: Dongshan Island – Sufengshan Island Ring Road ♀️ Length: About 8.53 km Estimated time: About 2 hours Difficulty coefficient: ★★/Fuzhou · Ring Drum Range Rover Tour/ ♀️ Gushan ♀️ When you come to Fuzhou, you must climb Gushan Mountain.

On the Jiuqu and 18qu Gushan Highway, you can see people riding bicycles climbing the mountain everywhere.

The highest peak in Gushan is 925 meters above sea level.

From the bottom of the mountain to the top of the mountain, you need to climb and ride for 9 kilometers.

The mountain has many curves, which is a great test of endurance and explosive power.

It is not recommended for novices to try.

Halfway, you can rest at Yongquan Temple before leaving.

Along the way, there are dense trees and two observation platforms overlooking the panoramic view of Fuzhou, expressing the pride of viewing the small mountains.

Gushan ⭕ : Cycling route: Gushan Mountain Gate – Yongquan Temple – Viewing Platform – Gushan Peak ♀️ Length: about 9 kilometers Estimated time: about 1 hour Difficulty coefficient: ★★★★★/Xiapu · Mountain and Sea Tour/ ♀️ Donghai No.1 ♀️ Riding on the Xinjin Xiapu Top Stream, Donghai No.1 Scenic Road, you can enjoy the best side of the coastline in spring.

Experience the excitement of beach biking at Gaoluo Beach, the fun of catching the sea at Jishi Beach, and taking 200 gigabytes of photos at Haiwei Castle are not enough.

There is also a Danwan Viewing Platform, where you can enjoy the entire Xiaojing Beach privately.

Xiawei Island and Lvxia Lighthouse are also excellent locations for filming.

On one side, there are stretches of sand and endless sea, and on the other side, there are blue mountains with the same color as the sky and water.

The spring breeze is facing you, and even the fragrance is lingering.