Recently, a mainland cycling blogger with millions of fans, “Chaoshan Aqiu,” released a video saying that after riding to Hong Kong, his

Article/Village Man Riding on the 12th Pattaya Night in Thailand On March 12th, 2023, Pattaya, Kingdom of Thailand, sunny 25~32 °.

Today in the lunar calendar is my 65th birthday, and I spent it in Thailand’s colorful Pattaya.

Today, I cycled 25 kilometers and stayed at the Panyapa Plaza Hotel in downtown Pattaya Bay.

I made a reservation on WeChat, and the room fee included tax of 105.88 yuan.

The Panyapa Plaza Hotel where I am staying is located near the Pattaya night market.

It is a commercial and residential building with a dozen floors.

The first floor is a bar, and the second floor and above is a hotel.

As the elevator is located in the back kitchen of the bar on the first floor of the hotel, it is particularly difficult to find the signboard on the front of the hotel.

The hotel lobby has a dedicated step ladder less than 2 meters wide from the second floor to the first floor street.

When I first checked in, I actually searched for 10 minutes within 10 meters of the stairs based on the location.

After asking two or three people, I found a hotel to stay in.

The bicycles and luggage were manually moved from the stairs to the second floor.

The fat landlady in the lobby is around 50 years old, very dedicated and responsible, with a pleasant face, careful and thoughtful.

When I checked in, she told me that there was free coffee and water in the room, and I had to pay a deposit of 500 Baht, which would be returned to the guest upon checkout.

She can speak fluent English.

“And I can’t, I can only add words and sign language expressions+super understanding.”.

Most of our conversations require the use of mobile translation software for communication.

My room was originally on the fourth floor.

She saw my bike and luggage and told me that I could put my bike on the first floor with surveillance.

“I told her that my bike can be folded and must be brought into the room.

She saw this and opened a double standard room for me on the second floor.”.

Settle down and sleep in the room.

Pattaya’s day is bland, and the highlight is at night.

At dusk and early evening, take a bike ride around the city and the bay, and take a look at the approximate location of the Wharf on Goran Island.

Due to the fact that there are all one-way streets here, as night falls, one-way streets are even more congested, making it inconvenient to ride bicycles.

I just want to take a photo of my bike on the beach in Pattaya Bay, under a coconut tree, as the sun disappears before sea level.

The picture should include four elements: sunset, bicycle, coconut tree, and sea to commemorate the village man who once came here by bike.

Riding or pushing a bicycle through several one-way alleys between Pattaya Bay Beach Avenue and the second street, I found bars one after another, with tables and high chairs arranged along the street.

In the bright and bustling night, some men and some women who seemed to be not so well matched raised their glasses for a drink or drank heavily, and there were also groups of sexy dressed women waiting to attract customers around.

Massage shops are located in different places.

Generally, there are dozens of aunts waiting for guests to greet them.

The charge is 200 to 400 Baht per hour.

The lights are waning, the night is completely falling, and tourists are like crucian carp.

Pushing the car is obviously inconvenient, so just put it back in the hotel.

Passing by the barbecue stall, I bought three grilled chicken legs, one fish egg, and one lettuce to pack back to the hotel.

Return to your room and put your bike away.

With such a good dish, think about adding a bottle of beer.

Buying a bottle of beer in Thailand is not an easy task.

Selling beer requires qualification and a license.

When I first arrived, I could ask for advice if I didn’t understand anything.

The hostess of the hotel lobby, who is familiar with the Jianghu, said: “You can buy beer at the 7-11 store.

Later, I went to buy a bottle of beer, and it was 2 to 4 times cheaper than the one at the street liquor store.”.

“You need a massage.

There are many massage shops on the street, and you can find whoever you like to serve you.”.

You can also obtain the consent of the massage shop owner to bring a woman back to the hotel.

In hotels throughout Thailand, guests can bring a woman to stay at no additional cost.

I simply learned a few questions from the fat sister-in-law in the lobby.

I walked around the streets and secretly took photos with my mobile phone for a few minutes.

Those sexy girls were very vigilant, and when they saw their mobile phone scan, they had obvious antipathy or turned their backs.

At the entrance of some high-end bars, there are clearly marked consumer price lists, ranging from hundreds to thousands of Thai baht.

It is estimated that there are performances inside.

Oh, Pattaya’s nights belong to the world of men, specifically those of men who are generous and willing to spend money.

There are many women here, too.

How do they find their own happiness? I don’t know, I don’t understand the world of women.

I rode to Pattaya as a passer-by, experiencing the vast world in a strange and diverse way.

Curiosity loves dead cats.

Sheep grazing on grass should not linger around African ponds for a long time.

Take a sip of water and leave quickly.

Beware of crocodiles lurking beneath the water, and cheetahs, lions, and hyenas hiding behind bushes.

I bought roast chicken legs, fish eggs, lettuce, beer, fruit, and so on.

I went back to my room and ate them, took a shower, and went to bed early.

Today is my birthday on the lunar calendar, and I am in Colorful Pattaya.

Friends who would like to read this travel note: Wishing us all peace, health, happiness, smooth riding, and success in everything we want! In the afternoon, the proprietress of a Chinese restaurant paid 1000 yuan for playing music through WeChat and exchanged 4700 Thai baht.

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