What are the benefits of riding so cruelly?

Seriously, we usually reserve our enthusiasm for cycling.

Especially when you are riding on the road where you can’t get to the village or the store, and suddenly encounter a downpour, or ride against the wind, and still insist on riding home under such bad conditions, you will really collapse.

At this time, you may think: “Is cycling really good for me?” In short, yes, cycling is beneficial, and there are many benefits, even some of which you may take for granted or not notice.

Benefit 1: improve the quality of sexual life Yes, you heard it right.

Riding will improve the quality of sexual life.

A large number of research results show that cycling and other sports can improve self-confidence, stimulate sexual desire, and even improve the satisfaction of sexual life.

If you want to have sex, single dogs can hide their faces.

Benefit 2: Your popularity is amazing, and riding is definitely a thing that can make more friends! Cycling is not only a personal sport, it is more likely to expand your social circle.

But you go cycling with friends or join a local cycling club.

You can even go abroad to participate in cycling training camp activities, participate in various international large and small events, and have the opportunity to see your cycling strength in foreign lands.

Benefit 3: Become healthier psychologically.

Let’s not mention the extreme situations that you will encounter during riding mentioned at the beginning of the article.

In fact, most of the time, riding is a relaxing thing.

Go outdoors, get in close contact with nature, find some new places, breathe fresh air, and ride a bicycle to and fro on the country road.

It’s not too comfortable, is it? Benefit 4: There are many optional sports to reduce the risk of injury, but few sports like cycling can bring you physiological benefits, especially to reduce the risk of injury.

Compared with running, football and rugby, which are prone to collision and frequent contact with others, the injury rate caused by riding is actually lower.

Of course, you may say that from time to time there will be some unexplained bumps or bruises on your legs or arms, which may be caused by your carelessness, or by excessive exercise or occasional collision, but the probability of this situation is very low.

Benefit 5: Indulge in cycling and become strong.

The most important or obvious benefit that cycling can bring to you should be a healthy body.

Through cycling, you can exercise your heart function, aerobic fitness and weight loss.

Of course, these are only a small part.

Taken together, you will get not only a healthier lifestyle, but also more likely to prolong your life.

It’s very simple, because all parts of your body can be exercised during cycling, such as the crotch, abdominal muscles and calf muscles.

Of course, there is also the myth that cycling is not beneficial.

They think riding is dangerous.

This idea is actually wrong.

Because they think it is too unsafe to ride on the road.

There are all kinds of uncontrollable factors.

They believe that compared with drivers driving small cars, the probability of accidents in riding will be ten times higher.

In fact, if you calculate it this way, add up the mileage that everyone rides and drives, and it’s actually the same.

Whether you ride, drive or walk, the risks you encounter on the road are the same.

There is another myth that cycling does not improve the quality of sexual life.

They think that if we sit on the cushion for hours and hours, our buttocks will be numb long ago, and we will feel uncomfortable, and even damage our body.

However, according to the research on this point, experts still believe that the benefits of cycling for us are far greater than the negative effects it brings.

Riders, what do you think?.