Cycling is not only good but also bad. We must pay more attention to these negative effects!

Highlights of activities in 2023: 1.

Ride in Hainan — paddle, camp, and sail a new experience; 2.

Ride in Xishuangbanna — experience the charm of southern Yunnan in depth; 3.

Make a pilgrimage to Meili, walk in the rain avalanche — about the most spectacular snow mountains; 4.

Great beauty of Nyingchi, Tibet Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival, China’s most beautiful spring; 5.

Fantastic Ili — Sailimu Lake in spring, From reducing fat to making a group of health-conscious new friends on the road, we will always enjoy the happiness of cycling! This does not mean that riding is good for you but not bad for you.

Generally, we can divide these negative impacts into short-term and long-term impacts.

Short-term impact on bruises, cuts and bruises: Accidents always come unexpectedly, which may be caused by their own reasons or external reasons.

This is “normal”.

For minor accidents, it is recommended to use clean drinking water, antibiotic ointment and gauze – all of which should be part of your bicycle first-aid kit for ultraviolet damage: whether you ride in the sun or in a cloudy day, you will be exposed to a certain amount of ultraviolet radiation.

You can minimize it by cycling in the morning or wearing clothes with high UPF (ultraviolet protection factor).

Don’t forget sunscreen! Apply it half an hour before going out, and make sure to reuse it frequently, especially in the skin areas that are more exposed to the sun when riding a bicycle, such as the nape of the neck, shoulders, arms, legs and face.

Dehydration: Don’t underestimate the water lost by sweating after exercise.

Even slight dehydration will reduce your physical strength, which may increase the overall pressure of your body, muscles and heart.

Don’t forget to replenish water regularly on the road! Hypoglycemia: Most cyclists may have a sudden feeling of dizziness, weakness or trembling, which indicates that blood sugar has dropped to a dangerous low level.

Hypoglycemia is common in severe aerobic exercise, which may lead to fainting and accidents.

Carry snacks rich in healthy carbohydrates with you whenever possible.

Your health and riding performance depend on it! Blisters and sores: The longer you ride a bicycle, the more likely you are to experience pressure, blisters and sores.

Due to the uneven distribution of weight, it will bring heavy pressure on your pelvis.

Fitted bicycles and comfortable seats can significantly reduce this risk, while wearing silicone padded underwear can prevent blisters and sores.

Long-term impact on fracture and permanent injury: statistics show that cycling is a dangerous sport, and even professional cyclists will fall.

Although it is difficult to predict the outcome of the accident, individual bones such as arms, shoulders, collarbone, femur or pelvis are more likely to break than other bones, resulting in permanent injury, disability, concussion and even death.

To prevent these situations, please take all possible safety measures: wear protective equipment including helmets, comply with all traffic regulations and signs, pay attention to the surrounding environment and avoid distractions.

Don’t be too competitive! Weak upper body muscles: When riding a bicycle, your lower body may gain considerable strength, but it is important not to ignore the core strength of the upper body.

During long distance riding, your internal organs will bear great pressure, and your upper back may also appear unhealthy hunchback posture.

If you neglect strength training in these areas, it may cause musculoskeletal problems, pain and injury.

Chronic pain: knee pain, back sensitivity, loss of wrist, ankle and pelvic range of motion may all be chronic side effects of cycling.

Make sure you use the right size bike to better distribute your weight.

Remember to stretch before cycling.

If you feel pain, please give yourself time to recover.

Although cycling has many negative side effects, don’t give up such wonderful hobbies and sports because of fear of physical injury or complications! By taking appropriate preventive measures, you can minimize the potential risks of all the above bicycle riding and enjoy its positive effects indefinitely.

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