Watch out! Mother and daughter ride without helmets, and both are injured in an accident | one helmet area

The head is the most vulnerable and deadly part of the human body.

The helmet is the most important line of defense and the last line of defense to protect the life of the rider.

No helmet=no safety guarantee.

“The helmet is the last line of defense of the rider.” These words are not empty words.

I just hope this accident can alert you who ride without helmet.

If you ride without helmet, you will encounter an accident, At about 15:50 on February 9, 2023, the mother and daughter fell to the ground.

At 500 meters in front of the Wanhao gas station in Gujiao Town, Longli County, Qiannan Prefecture, a white van changed lanes without carefully observing the road conditions, and collided with an electric two-wheeled vehicle in the other lane, causing a pair of mother and daughter to fall to the ground.

Because the mother and daughter did not wear safety helmets, after falling to the ground, the driver, Yang Mou, bled on the head and became unconscious.

The three-year-old daughter was injured on the head and cried for her mother because of pain.

The driver of the white van was frightened and panicked when he saw this scene.

He was at a loss for a moment and only knew to pace back and forth.

At this time, the police of the Guilong Squadron of the Longli Traffic Police Brigade was patrolling nearby.

Passing enthusiastic people stopped the police car.

The police immediately stopped and ran to check the situation of the injured and dialed the 120 emergency number.

The police saw at the scene that the fallen electric vehicle driver Yang Mou was unconscious, unable to move his body and injured his head in several places; The little girl’s scalp was scratched and bled in two places, and there were bruises on her face and hands.

The police were worried about Yang’s intracranial congestion, so they didn’t dare to move her easily, so they made safety protection devices in the rear and squatted down to soothe the injured girl.

Soon after, the medical staff arrived at the scene to carry out preliminary treatment and bandage for Yang’s injury, and took the two people to the hospital.

The police tested Liu and Yang for their expiratory alcohol content, and neither of them drank alcohol.

At present, the accident is under further investigation and treatment.

The helmet worn by riding an electric bicycle is a “protective symbol” in the event of an accident, which can protect the head well in the accident and reduce the injury caused by the accident to the party concerned.

When on duty, Shu Shu often reminds everyone that riding a bicycle must wear a helmet to punish the rider who does not wear a helmet.

The key point of Shu Shu Shu is not “punishment” but “teaching”, hoping to let everyone remember by means of punishment! You must wear helmets when riding.

Helmets are not ornaments.

Wearing helmets is not less than the severity of injury in the event of an accident.

There is only one difference between helmet safety and safety.

Only improving your traffic safety awareness is the most effective measure to prevent road traffic accidents.

Your travel safety is Guizhou traffic police ♀️ The greatest wish ❤️ Reviewed by/Liu Lei edited by/Guo Yunkun source/Qiannan Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment