New opportunities for cycling in the tropics

Preface Civil servant interview preparation needs a long time and uninterrupted accumulation.

Today, Xiao Bian brings you the interview topic “New opportunities for riding in the tropics”.

I hope the candidates can grasp it! Hot background In recent years, many people choose to travel by bike.

In Beijing, Nanjing, Chengdu and other major cities, some popular cycling routes even experienced congestion at one time.

Cycling in the tropics has promoted the sales of bicycles, and many high-end brands of mountain bikes and road bikes are “hard to find”; The turnover of bicycle parts on an e-commerce platform increased by 100% year on year.

The increasing cycling craze has brought new opportunities to the development of China’s bicycle industry.

Recently, the popular cycling routes in many places have been congested.

At the same time, “one car is hard to get” and “the sales of spare parts have surged” have also caused a heated discussion among netizens.

Please tell me your opinion about the popularity of cycling.

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Summarize and refine the topic and give opinions.

Now many people choose to travel by bike.

The cycling atmosphere is becoming increasingly strong.

It is not only an opportunity for the development of the bicycle industry, but also can provide assistance to activate surrounding consumption and lead a healthy lifestyle.


Combined with reality, multi-angle analysis (1) Background analysis ① Large user group.

With a population of 1.4 billion, China has always been a major consumer of bicycles.

As a means of transportation for people to get through the last mile of daily travel, bicycles are increasingly used.

② Environmental optimization.

With the gradual improvement of urban greenway construction and bicycle slow lane, people’s willingness to ride has gradually increased.

At the same time, with the current epidemic, gyms and other places closed, cycling has become the first choice of the public.

(2) Positive significance ① meet the needs of consumers.

As a green sport, cycling can not only facilitate travel, meet the basic needs of the last mile, but also exercise, relieve stress, and let people feel the scenery on the way.

② Activate the consumer market.

From a series of links such as car selection, car purchase, bike learning and cycling, it can drive economic growth, create more jobs, and drive the rapid development of the bicycle industry.

At the same time, the craze of cycling also generates more secondary consumption.

Personalized equipment, cultural and creative products, food and entertainment, and tourism around the city have become emerging consumption growth points.

③ Help social construction.

The cycling craze reflects people’s positive response to the green and low-carbon lifestyle, which can better promote the green and low-carbon lifestyle.

It is conducive to promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, helping the country achieve the double-carbon goal, and creating a green and healthy living environment.

(3) The current challenges are that the cycling infrastructure is not perfect, the capacity of high-end core components of bicycles is insufficient, and some cyclists have insufficient safety awareness.


Propose solutions (1) public infrastructure construction.

Relevant departments should plan the routes that can be cycled in advance, increase the construction of slow-moving networks such as bicycle lanes and pedestrian paths, and bicycle traffic lights, further optimize people’s riding experience, accelerate the construction of low-carbon cities, and accelerate the popularity of cycling.

(2) Breakthrough the dependence on research and development.

Relevant departments organize scientific research institutions and universities to carry out the construction of industry-university-research platform, increase research and development efforts in carbon fiber, transmission and other aspects, improve core technology, break the monopoly of imported spare parts, and assist the production of bicycle core parts.

(3) Strengthen publicity and guidance.

Although riding is good, it is not suitable for everyone.

Relevant departments actively do a good job of riding guidance and safety awareness training by using online and offline publicity methods to avoid the blind following of the public and ensure riding safety.