These are the eight motives for riding the National Highway 318 Sichuan-Tibet Line! What kind of motivation do you belong to?

As the southwest frontier of the motherland, Tibet has always been a paradise for pilgrims, and many Wenqing people like to go there to pursue themselves.

Some are hiking, some are riding, and riding is a big part of it.

According to an article in the Journal of Tourism, through the study of online travel notes, these riders who have traveled thousands of miles and suffered hardships can be roughly divided into the following eight motives.

Pursuing dreams is the highest proportion among cyclists, with 27.7%.

It can be seen that there is no difference between dreams and salted fish.

Dream is a kind of life that people want to live or experience.

Tibet is such a kind of existence, waving to you at the top of the plateau.

The National Highway 318, Sichuan-Tibet Line, is the best path to the dream.

Experience the local conditions and customs accounts for 19.3%.

The customs along the Sichuan-Tibet line are really fascinating.

Here you can feel the spiritual shock brought by the differences of different nationalities, religions and cultures.

Relax accounts for 13.3%.

Each place has its own characteristics.

Riding the Sichuan-Tibet line is really a good way to relax.

In extreme journeys, no matter work or emotional unhappiness will dissipate.

Reflection on life accounts for 9.6%, which may be the inspiration of Tibet as a different existence.

Especially Tibetan Buddhism has been deeply imprinted on this land.

Riding the Sichuan-Tibet line is a wonderful choice to explore how to spend life.

Self-actualization accounts for 9.6%.

Most people don’t want to see their mediocrity and hope that life will be different.

It may be the best sublimation to suffer for themselves.

Commemorate the youth The Sichuan-Tibet Railway will welcome many students to ride every year in the graduation season, especially college students.

Maybe it is time to start when facing the crossroads of life, whether confused or worried.

This accounted for 8.4%, mainly students.

Seeking novelty and difference For many domestic friends, plateau, Tibetan Buddhism and Lama have really not been deeply contacted.

This accounts for 6.1%.

Rich life experience Life is not just three points and one line.

If you occasionally indulge yourself and do what you like, you may gain a different life.

After all, an interesting soul is created by rich experience..