There are four states of cycling. Let’s see which one you are!

【1】 This is the lowest level of cycling.

At present, more than 90% of cyclists belong to this level.

They have two characteristics: 1.

They think that cycling is cool.

They ride for others to see and like to follow the trend.

For example, in recent years, it is popular to ride in Tibet, so they blindly follow the trend, and even some of them go almost without riding a bike.

They basically rely on hitchhiking on the road, Take a picture of a place with good scenery and send it to a circle of friends, and turn the bicycle into a cool tool.


This part of people like to show off their equipment.

To put it bluntly, they play with equipment.

Some buy expensive bicycles, but they also go around the city or the suburbs for a few circles.

A group of people wear a full set of cycling clothes to shuttle around the city, and ride for a maximum of ten or twenty kilometers, for fear that others do not know they are riding.

This belongs to fake riding, which is just a trend for them, and bicycle is just a kind of self-portrait decoration.

【2】 The realm of freedom is reached by some people who like to ride.

They think that the city is a cage and yearn for the free world.

This kind of people have two characteristics: 1.

They will also pay attention to the quality of the car and try to choose a practical bicycle according to their economic conditions.

They will not pursue the advanced equipment.

They are full of the free world.

The bicycle is just a means of transportation for them.


They will never cheat when riding, because riding is only for their own sake.

It is their pleasure and a way of life, not for others to see.

No matter how far they ride, it is trampled by two legs.

【3】 Spiritual state Many people have read “Living in the Wild” and should understand this state.

They love nature and the free and peaceful world extremely.

For them, riding is not a leisure way, but a spiritual pursuit.

Such people are not willing to ride the route that ordinary people take.

They will choose a challenging and even dangerous route.

On these routes, there are no people, and they need to endure hunger, thirst and physical torture.

They have completely different experiences of life and life.

These are all things that ordinary people can’t experience.

For them, there are probably not many people in the world who are in the realm of “not going to die” [4] Heaven and man.

In the eyes of people in this realm, women with cars, houses and tickets are all gone.

They are not bound by marriage and family responsibilities, because they have the whole world in their hearts.

They have only one goal in their life.

They ride forward ceaselessly, just like an albatross.

To reach this level, I would like to talk about two people: Mr.

Li Yuezhong, who has traveled hundreds of thousands of kilometers, 147 countries, the Arctic, the Sahara Desert, the world’s highest highway, the Amazon jungle, and the war-fighting Balestan in 19 years from the age of 41 Mr.

Li Congming: From 2001 to 2006, he worked and cycled all over China.

From 2001 to 2013, he cycled for 12 consecutive years.

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