Changsha can circle the earth 5050 times a year

In his novel Slow, Miran Kundera laments that the technological revolution has made the slow fun disappear.

But no matter how technology develops, no matter how tight the spring of life is, no matter how convenient or inconvenient it is to travel by bike, as long as the interest of riding is still there, the slow pleasure is there.

Changsha people who love cycling have been practicing the joy of cycling.

I ride, I am happy (picture/Changsha University Team) 01 How much do you like to ride in Changsha? Blue is a cycling enthusiast who has been in love with cycling since 16 years ago.

No matter where he works, he can’t help riding his bike to have a good time.

Cycling is the best way to know a city.

He has left his footprints in Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, etc.

In fact, Blue is from Xiangtan.

Since he works in Changsha now, he will naturally ride to Changsha during the rest.

Among the many cycling routes in Changsha, Blue most enjoys the process of climbing the slope in Shenxianling.

But recently, Shenxianling has closed the road.

I’m afraid there will be no chance to come again (video/the blueimage_FOTO).

There are many cyclists like Blue in Changsha.

Whether it’s chasing the wind to go to work or letting your heart fly on weekends, bicycles have become the third choice for Changsha people to travel.

According to the two big data released by Haro Bike and Meituan Bike, the average distance traveled by Changsha people in 2019 was 2.7 kilometers per ride, with a total of 202 million kilometers traveled and 5050 circles around the earth.

At the moment when the epidemic situation in the country is gradually stable and enterprises resume work and production speed is increasing, Changsha’s “Cycling Resumption Index” ranks second in the country.

Hello, the staff is changing the power of the moped.

(Picture/Rednet Moment) Even Du Jiahao, secretary of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee, has a special interest in cycling.

Previously, the media reported that Du Jiahao likes to go out alone to investigate the people’s conditions.

He once said that he would “buy a bicycle wherever he works, and also buy a bicycle in Changsha”.

It is also because Changsha people love cycling so much that Changsha also gives way to cycling.

On December 16, 2016, the first batch of “shared bicycles” entered Changsha.

Gradually, “shared bicycles” have spread all over the streets and alleys of Changsha, and bicycle lanes have grown from scratch.

Blue is not particularly optimistic about the traffic in Changsha.

“I work in Changsha, but I don’t want to live in Changsha.

I prefer to commute 70+km every day”.

In densely populated and crowded cities, it is really not easy to say that you love cycling.

The non-motor vehicle lane is full of cars, leaving riders with no way to go, and can only take the motor vehicle lane.

In addition to motor vehicles, when riding on the road, we also need to avoid pedestrians who have to walk on the sidewalk, commuters who ride a shared bicycle but play mobile phones with their heads down, and leisure cyclists who ride slowly and leisurely to see the scenery…

crisis, all around.

The bicycle lane in Changsha (photo/Changsha Evening News) In order to make it more convenient and safer for everyone to ride, in 2018, Changsha vigorously promoted the construction of “one circle, two fields and three roads”, of which “one road” is the bicycle lane.

By the end of 2019, 425.6 kilometers of bicycle lanes have been reconstructed and newly built in Changsha.

Pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles go their own way, and Changsha is gradually building itself into a city friendly to cycling.

02 In those years when there was no bicycle sharing, the old bicycles were the family’s favorite treasures.

Yellow ofo, green cool riding, yellow and blue Yong’anxing, orange mobai…

It seems that in one night, bicycle sharing entered the streets, “competing for beauty”, and became a new travel fashion for Changsha people.

But before the advent of shared bicycles, bicycles were the most important and favorite means of transportation for Chinese people.

As the most vivid business card of the former “bicycle kingdom”, the endless torrent of bicycles was very common in that era.

After liberation, bicycles began to enter thousands of households.

By the sixties and seventies, bicycles had occupied a very important position in Chinese families.

If a girl wants to marry, it depends on whether the man’s home has three turns.

At that time, owning a bicycle was the dream of young people in Changsha.

A back seat, a girder, and a pedal room carried the burden of life.

Such riding posture can no longer be seen as permanent, phoenix and flying pigeon.

These three national bicycle brands of New China bear the common memory of several generations of Chinese people, and also reflect the growth of New China.

In that era when bicycles were more expensive, durability was the most important indicator of bicycle performance, and the durability of “Forever” bicycle was unparalleled, so it enjoyed the supreme status in the minds of the older generation.

You may have heard of the “28 bars”, which is the nickname given by the older generation to the “Phoenix” bicycle with a 28-inch diameter wheel and a crossbeam.

Speaking of the “trendsetter” dress in the early stage of reform and opening up, it must be as some TV dramas said: “wear plum blossom sportswear, wear rebound sneakers, and ride 28 flying pigeons to report”.

In fact, as early as in the memory of every Changsha person, bicycles have added a strong color.

The children of Changsha must also remember the old bicycle selling popsicles at the entrance of the alley when they were young, as well as the bursts of shouts, “DuDuDuDu, selling popsicles, red bean popsicles, mung bean popsicles…” They followed the bicycle selling popsicles with their friends, and looked eagerly at the big foam box tied to the back seat of the car.

Occasionally take a few cents from my parents to buy one, and everyone will take one bite from me.

When the popsicle melts, you should also lick it off your hands.