How to reduce the impact when riding and get on the road lighter?

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You are much heavier, but no matter how heavy you are, you can improve your technology to make your bike think that you are 15-30 kg lighter than the actual weight.

The method is as follows: 1.

Lift the front wheel when riding over bumps.

When the front wheel is close to the bump, step down and gently pull the handle to move the center of gravity backward.

In this way, a person who weighs 110 kg seems to have only 80 kg.


When riding, hold the handlebar tightly, but don’t hold it tightly.

Relax the joints.

Use the body as a spring to absorb the impact of the unavoidable bumpy road.


Look as far as possible and leave yourself enough time to bypass the bumpy road, so you don’t need to use the first two techniques.


For a long bumpy road, leave the car seat slightly and gently clamp the car seat with your legs.

In this way, the weight can be distributed to the two pedals and the seat/seat bar, so that both positions will not be impacted.

The guide rail of the seat is usually damaged because it is too heavy to ride.

Light riding can protect your seat.


Use a slightly wider and softer outer tube than usual.

When you accidentally hit an obstacle, the softer outer tube can absorb more impact and protect your body and bike Riding is a pious pilgrimage.

It is a kind of penance and experience.

Sometimes I often wonder what the meaning of riding is? Is it persistence all the way? Is it the beautiful scenery along the way? Or the happiness of arriving at the destination? Maybe not.

Every person who loves riding has different meanings in his mind.

It may be a kind of life perception, a kind of self breakthrough, a kind of memory pursuit, or a kind of growth sharpening.

But no matter how it appears in people’s mind, it is a kind of healthy and upward lifestyle endorsement.

The process of riding may be very hard and tiring, but we have always insisted that even if we are tired, we are happy.

Challenge, the meaning of riding, is the meaning of life.

There is a rainbow in the sky edited by the old wolf.

It is beautiful in the sky after the rain.

There is also a rainbow in life, that is, riding.

It makes life colorful.

We are full of vitality and youth.

Our youthful life and youthful cycling make our hearts fly young.

There is no failure.

Regardless of success or failure, cycling is the rainbow of our life!!! Every like you order, I seriously regard it as like, share, collect, like.