The only city in the country that can also ride into the sky and into the sea, has opened a new “Cyber Red Sea Cycling Lane”, which is about

In the eyes of tourists, Xiamen must be inseparable from the romantic Gulangyu, the literary and artistic Zengcuo’an and the fresh Xiamen University…

But in the eyes of local people, this literary and romantic temperament has already been integrated into every corner of Xiamen and carved into the bone.

▲ Picture: @ South China Construction Steel Structure Region ▲ Picture: @ Aifaner has the world’s first longest air bicycle lane in the country, from BRT Hongwen Station to BRT County Rear Station, and it feels like flying here! ▲ Picture: @ The steward of high-speed railway here looks like a sea train coming out of a cartoon.

The subway line 1 starts from Zhenhai Road in the south to Yannei in the north, and it is more convenient and fast to go to Jimei from the island.

The ticket price is only 7 yuan for 24 stops and 53 minutes.

There is a seven-color overpass and a flower bridge, which is full of envy for the traffic of others.

Even when driving on the elevated road, there is scenery to see.

Whether it is the rainbow in the air, the small train on the sea or the garden in the air, the creative elements of urban construction have been used ingeniously by Xiamen, and no city really understands romance better than Xiamen.

Recently, Xiamen has burst into a circle of friends because of a “sea dragon”.

A sea biking lane that can lead to the “Star Sea” not only adds another touch to the romance of Xiamen, but also is a generous gift to cyclists and sports lovers.

▲ Picture: Weibo @ My soul is floating ▲ Picture: Weibo @ City Wall is a 26km long green road around Xinglin Bay in Jimei District, and this “the most beautiful sea bike lane” that refreshes the small and fresh dimension of Xiamen is one of them, with a total length of 2.6km.

Ride here, the city is on the sea, and the sea is in the city.

You can enjoy the unique riding pleasure while carving the time.

▲ Picture: Weibo @ photographer Qiu Xiaofeng may not be able to define Xiamen with labels such as “aestheticism”, “literature and art” and “small freshness”.

In Xiaofeijun’s eyes, she is dynamic, modern and innovative at the same time.

This time, Xiaofeijun will take you to discover another Xiamen, and explore the Xiamen in the air, on the sea, on the grass and on the cloud! The sea lane leading to the sea of stars and stars, Xiamen’s new punch line, is like a ride in life.

The most difficult thing is to climb a slope.

If you don’t advance, you will fall back.

This section of “Xiamen’s most beautiful sea bike lane” is part of the 26km long trail around Xinglin Bay in Jimei District, located near the Crystal Lake County Community.

▲ Picture: Weibo @ Yipin Tianya With the popularity of urban cycling, cycling has become more and more close to life, not just a deliberate sport.

Especially in Xiamen, a tourist city that has been repeatedly praised by the cultural and youth people, can provide tourists with a local characteristic scenic spot to live in harmony with the local people.

▲ Picture: Weibo @ Yipin Tianya, a maroon road with beautiful scenery, low riding difficulty and high safety.

It can be said that it is Jimei’s cool new free parent-child tour, which parents and children can experience together.

▲ Picture: Weibo @ zhouuoyi_ Roy ▲ Picture: Weibo @ Yipin Tianya is a Jimei New Town with high-rise buildings on one side, a learning village with Jiageng style buildings in southern Fujian on the other, and the sparkling Xinglin Bay at the foot.

At dusk, you can enjoy the sunset while riding on the sea, and enjoy the scenery and fitness.

Tips: If you are a friend who starts from the island, you can do Line 1 and get off at the [Jimei Learning Village] station.

You can not only feel the romance like a train on the sea, but also directly experience the ride on the sea.

[Jimeixue Village] stands out and rides to the [Water Sports Center], then you can find the sea bike lane (marked by the red line above).

In addition to the “sea bike lane”, several other sections of the whole Xinglin Bay green road around the lake are also worth recommending.

◆ The total length of Yuanboyuan – AVIC City is about 2.8km, and the ride time is about 18 minutes.

▲ Picture: Weibo @ – LINZM – ▲ Picture: Weibo @ – LINZM – integrates leisure, vacation, culture and entertainment.

Yuanbo Garden is the world’s unique aquatic landscape park, with water area accounting for more than half of the total park area.

▲ Picture: Weibo @ Guo in the pot ▲ Picture: Tuchong @ Travelling Immortals come back here with flowers in all seasons.

In the garden at the end of spring and early summer, the sea of verbena flowers is extremely bright.

In summer, the next day Bihe here will attract photography lovers to come to freeze.

◆ The total length of AVIC City-Xinglin Bay Operation Center is about 2.1KM, and the ride time is about 10 minutes.

▲ Picture: Weibo @ Yipin Tianya, even if there are no mountains, rivers, bridges and tunnels, what we need is the quiet and comfortable.

There are few people, good scenery and good air.

You can take a deep breath when riding on the driveway with green vegetation on both sides.

◆ Xinglin Bay Business Operation Center – the total length of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is about 2.0KM, and the ride time is about 10 minutes ▲ Figure: Weibo @ Yipin Tianya gives you a reason to return to nature, take advantage of a small holiday or weekend, take family and children, and ride on the edge of the “Xiamen version of the West Lake”, and firmly feel the charm of the city’s ride.

TIPS: Experience the greenway around Xinglin Bay.

From the island, you can take the subway line 1 to get off at [Yuanboyuan Station], and start from the Yuanboyuan, passing through the central area of AVIC City, Jimei New Town, Xinglin Bay Business Operation Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and finally arrive at the provincial water sports center.

If time and energy permit, you can go to the Jimei School Village on the side to have a look and cultivate the meaningful and scholarly atmosphere.

Having experienced the sea dragon and then cycling in Jimei Village to regain a campus love may be driven by the sea dragon, and Jimei School Village next to him also immediately got rid of the retro posture and became very youthful and energetic.

Jimei, originally a small number of tourists, is quiet and can recall the passing years.

Therefore, it is deeply favored by directors.

Many love films have been shot here.

Have experienced flying dragons on the sea and come here to ride, and regain the feeling of first love.