Carbon reduction by cycling! More than one side of fashion, enjoy a light life

If you want to be a fashionable girl, use it quickly ⭐ : “Star mark” ⭐ : Keep me! The energy saving and carbon reduction lifestyle is being promoted by the whole people, and cycling has become a new trend.

The cyclists have gradually become a unique and beautiful scenery, which can not only save energy and reduce emissions, but also strengthen the body.

Who says sports styling is not fashionable enough? The collision of colors, the use of tulle and the combination of different fabrics explain the unique charm of riding clothes and highlight the different colors of youth.

Get rid of the old sportswear, wear your own style, ride easily and integrate into low-carbon life.

In the spring and summer of 2019, a trend of riding quietly took place in the major show venues.

The elements of free and unrestrained riding can be seen everywhere, exuding irresistible unique charm, and inadvertently became the focus of the audience.

The space cotton material MarineSerre is soft, smooth, breathable and comfortable with temperature and pressure relief characteristics.

MarineSerre, nicknamed as “Sun and Moon Divine Religion”, launched the space cotton riding suit on the 2019 spring and summer show, which is clean and beautiful.

When the space quilt is used in cycling clothes, it can be said that it combines practicality and beauty, and is one of the rare excellent choices of cycling clothes.

The perspective nanometer material EmporioArmani is light and thin.

The nanometer material is soft, delicate and comfortable.

The most important thing is that it can resist ultraviolet radiation.

Wearing EmporioArmani nanometer material, you can feel at ease when riding.

The rain-proof coat Y-3 is not only the hot sun, but also the wind and rain on the riding road.

The riding equipment naturally cannot lack rain-proof elements.

Y-3’s rain-proof jacket is on your body, so you can ride along the way, rain or shine.

As early as the 1980s, Princess Diana had been able to control the cycling pants with ease.

Today, the trend has come back again.

The cycling pants have become a hot fashion item, and its figure can be seen everywhere in major shows.

The Fendi riding pants on the show show show let you show your concave-convex figure and walk freely without restraint.

Zipper design Sportmax semi-zip sportswear is one of the best basic items for cycling dressing.

The simple sports jacket is updated with a new zipper design for practicality, convenience and flexibility.

The design of semi-high collar can keep warm and breathable, which is very suitable for mixing and matching with any other item.

Sports Bra Each × Why is there less comfortable and stylish sports underwear for other cyclists? Each × Other sports underwear and gold dress have a unique flavor when folded.

The tacit cooperation of riding elements and metal color clothing makes the overall look energetic, free and wild.

Fluorescent elements refract neon colors.

The dazzling fluorescent colors on the House of Holland show are the most eye-catching.

The bright colors awaken people’s bleary eyes and relieve people’s visual fatigue.

The choice of fluorescent color items in the cycling dressing is both fashionable and personalized, and the bright colors also play a certain role in protection.

When you put on the neon color, your mood will also become happy.

The breathable mesh Off-white breathable mesh is the most romantic and friendly existence in summer.

It can be worn close to the body to decorate the bottom, or simply draped on the body and dropped on the waist.

The fine mesh material also adds some elegance and gentleness to the sportswear, and makes people welcome the summer with joy.

From the show to the street, more and more cycling elements have entered people’s daily life, becoming an indispensable element for trendsetters to wear and become a beautiful scenery on the street.

Streetstyle01 unique texture – space cotton can also wear comfortable and breathable space cotton on the street in summer.

The special nature of space cotton material makes it crisp and smooth after being made into clothes, with a unique texture that other materials do not have.

Streetstyle02 is fresh and comfortable – transparent texture and transparent elements are also one of the most active elements in summer.

Wearing transparent texture items on the street can drive away the boredom caused by the hot weather in summer, which is extremely fresh and comfortable.

StreetStyle03 is free to travel – wear rain-proof fabric clothes, and you no longer need to worry about the light rain in the changeable weather, which also saves the burden of heavy umbrellas.

With a raincoat in hand, you can go out easily.

Streetstyle04 is cool and practical – the trend of cycling pants has swept in again.

Leisure and comfortable cycling pants are both snug and practical, and there are many materials to choose from, and the matching function is also very strong.

Riding pants, you deserve it this summer.

Streetstyle05 Versatile – A semi-zip sportswear with versatile zipper design, which can be worn alone and bottomed.

It is also warm and windproof for cycling wear.

Streetstyle06 is lively and charming – sports underwear can highlight the charming figure curve and reveal the small waist when worn alone, and the mix and match with fashion can make the overall shape get rid of monotony and insipidity.

Sports underwear in summer is both fresh and comfortable.

It can be used for sports and leisure.

It can be worn correctly.

Streetstyle07 is lively – fluorescent color elements can attract attention everywhere, whether in the show or on the street.

Bright and vivid colors break the quiet atmosphere of the street and make life more lively.

Streetstyle 08 is full of fairy gas – breathable mesh breathable mesh has its own fairy gas, and the material is light and cool.

The mesh material is cut and applied to all kinds of clothes.

The hazy perspective makes the whole person look more beautiful and charming.