Licheng District Food Cycling Complete Introduction! I will take you to eat 15 ancient breakfast delicacies in one day

The weather is getting warmer day by day, and it’s time to have a holiday again.

It’s time to make an appointment with three or five friends, ride a small yellow car, and come and go.

Licheng District has a lot of delicious food! Route: to West Street – Kaiyuan Temple Station – car rental – stations near the West Street Food Market: West Street Suqingmen Small Square, Xinhua Road Middle Minnan Baihui, Kaiyuan Temple West Gate Mencius Food Store Recommendation: garlic sticks, inch jujube price: 7 yuan per capita Address: 349 West Street Mencius Food Store, just open at the back of West Street.

With a move to add mashed garlic in fried dough twist, the “mashed garlic branch” has become the favorite taste of fried dough twist people in Quanzhou.

Crispy garlic sticks with garlic fragrance are addictive to eat.

The garlic sticks are 1 yuan each, and there are also whole packages.

In addition to garlic sticks, there are deep-fried snacks such as dates, which are suitable for making afternoon tea with a pot of Tieguanyin.

Wu’s Handmade Mati Recommendation: Handmade Mati price: 2 yuan per capita Business hours: 8:00~19:00 Address: 119 West Street This newly emerging shop on West Street is so popular that it is crowded with diners several times.

The boss said: Don’t talk nonsense about the time-honored brand.

It has been open for three months now.

From the outside to the inside, it is sweet, sweet, sweet and crisp.

It tastes very rich.

The part of the glutinous rice ball just neutralizes the sweetness of peanuts and sesame seeds.

It won’t feel sweet after eating.

You can know why it is so popular after tasting it! Laoji noodle paste recommendation: large intestine, vinegar meat, fried dough sticks price: 14 yuan per capita Address: 17 West Street (near Zhongshan North Road) Walk to the junction of West Street and Zhongshan Street, and you will see this noodle paste shop.

Usually, there are a lot of people who come here for breakfast, which is the authentic old flavor.

Although a small bowl of noodle paste, it is full of strong local flavor of Quanzhou people.

The counter is filled with large intestine, pickled eggs, vinegar meat, pork liver, mushrooms…

all kinds of rich ingredients can be randomly selected and added to the noodle paste.

The noodle paste is not rotten, the vinegar meat is full of ancient flavor, and the large intestine is also delicious, but it is a little too strong for Yuner to eat it after soaking the fried noodles in the noodle paste, which is really too full! Hou Abba’s meat dumplings recommendation: the price of the signature scallop meat dumplings and the gold medal meat swallow soup: 20 yuan per capita Address: 45 East Street (10 meters ahead of the new store) Although there are many meat dumplings shops in East Street, “Hou Abba” is the most popular.

Since its operation in 1978, it has been a household snack in Quanzhou.

For foreigners, they may like Hou Abba’s meat dumplings because of its flavor and taste.

For many old Quanzhou people and overseas tourists, besides delicious food, there are more memories of their childhood.

Hou Abba’s meat dumplings are full of ingredients, including marinated eggs, mushrooms, shrimp, lean meat, lotus seeds, dried squid and dried oysters.

The meat dumplings should be eaten while hot.

When eating, stir the sweet and spicy sauce, garlic, and secret peanut butter together with the meat dumplings to make them taste better.~Anan pickled noodles recommendation: marinated egg vinegar meat noodles, taro balls, pork and wheat price: 25 yuan per capita Address: 50 meters north of the intersection of East Street and Nanjun Lane (opposite to Yongxiang Supermarket), the ancestor of Nanan Honglai pickled noodles, originated from the old brand of 1990.

The noodles of Jindao are crispy and delicious together with the pickled pickles of the best quality, and the beef soup stewed with the secret formula and more than 20 optional ingredients are unique and delicious! The taro balls and pork and wheat in this store are also worth a try.

Both the crispy and delicious flavor of the baked goods and the soft, sticky and sweet taste of the taro pills are impressive.

Cheese wonton recommendation: Cheese Chaos, small iced egg price: 24 yuan per person Time: 10:30~Empty address: 23 Nanjun Road This store has just opened for two months, is the new face of the old lane.

The bright door number immediately attracted our eyes.

The little iced egg tastes a little like mango glutinous rice pudding.

It is cold and filled with rich mango fragrance.

Cheese wonton, meat filling with the mellow flavor of cheese, has a unique taste.

If you haven’t eaten it, you can try the taste created by the store.

Route: Baiyuan Road – stations near Tumen Street: Baiyuan Road, Cultural Palace Haisi Jinfeng Recommendation: Lantern Festival, taro paste price: 18 yuan per capita Operating hours: 7:30~23:00 Address: B1-10 shop, Nanjun New Street, from the tricycle at the gate of the earliest Confucian Temple to the two shops now, Haisi Jinfeng can’t resist the torture of time.

The Lantern Festival round is the sign of the old shop.

Its outer skin is Q-shaped, and the filling with ancient flavor is tight and full.

Taro paste is very popular with dessert control.

The flavor of taro is mixed with black sesame, which is too thick to melt.

Here, those traditional snacks in Quanzhou were replaced with exquisite packaging and sent to friends from afar, conveying not only warmth, but also the exclusive memory of Quanzhou.

Yuanfang Steamed Bun Recommendation: Steamed bun price: 8 yuan per capita Business hours: 9:00~20:30 Address: 381 Zhongshan South Road, see Qiaoguang, eat Yuanfang “This sentence is known to the elderly in Quanzhou.

The old shop of Yuanfang Xiaolongbao is located in Zhongshan South Road, which is a time-honored brand for more than 30 years.

The classic three kinds are: steamed bun, water ball soup and beef soup.

Among them, Xiaolongbao is a must to order at the store.

The meat filling is solid, the collocation of minced pork and horseshoe is very refreshing, and the dough rolled by hand is soft and strong.

It is worth mentioning that their secret dip sauce has the sour and sweet taste that Quanzhou people like.

Green apple recommendation: chicken bone and meat, chicken rice flower price: 10 yuan per person Time: 10:30~19:00 Address: 50 Guitan Lane People who walk by Guitan Lane know that there will always be waves of “meat eaters” preference in the place 100 away from the gate of the Fifth Middle School.

And through the rusty iron door, it is the source of this fragrance.

At each table, the landlady will serve a small bowl of ketchup.

The original or tomato flavor is her own.

Although it is not as crowded as chicken bone and meat fans, chicken rice is crispy outside and tender inside.