[Suitable for cycling] A “most beautiful highway” will be added to the north of Beijing! It’s a little far from Daxing

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On February 21, with a “commencement order”, the construction of the third phase of the Nanshan Ring Line in Yanqing District was officially started, and it is planned to open to traffic by the end of 2025.

After the completion of the project, the regional highway network will be further improved, and multiple scenic spots will be connected to create a “most beautiful highway” suitable for self-driving and cycling in Yanqing, and a new biking line will be added to the Beijing-Zhanghai sports and cultural tourism belt.

As the key project of Beijing Municipal Government in 2023, the third phase of Nanshan Ring Road is also the No.

1 project in the key project of Yanqing District in 2023.

The project starts from Nanhongmen Road, Dayushu Town, and ends at Changchi Road, Yongning Town, with a total length of about 19.8 km.

The design standard is second-class highway, two-way two lane road.

There are 2 tunnels and 19 bridges in Donghongshan and Xihuiling along the whole line.

The project will simultaneously implement cultural relics, environmental protection, water and soil conservation and other protection facilities, and realize the development concept of “slow traffic priority, green priority”.

After the completion of the project, it will connect the first phase of Nanshan Ring Road, further improve the regional highway network, and build Yanqing into the “most beautiful highway” connecting regional tourism resources.

As an important part of the highway network framework in Yanqing District, the highway will form a traffic loop with Kangzhang Road and Xianglong Road after completion, further serving the convenient travel of residents along the line.

At the same time, this project will also strengthen the rapid contact between Yanqing New Town and the towns in the south, and enhance the emergency support capacity in mountainous areas.

In February this year, the Three-year Action Plan for the Construction of “Outdoor Sports City” in Yanqing District (2023-2025) was officially released.

In the next three years, Yanqing District will focus on the development of ice and snow, cycling, hiking, and camping in combination with the natural landscape and the heritage of the Games, to help the construction of the Beijing-Zhanghai sports and cultural tourism belt.

After the completion of this project, it will connect Badaling Great Wall, Liugou, Yongning Ancient City and other tourist attractions and folk culture villages, and become an important part of the 100-kilometer cycling line in the north of Beijing and an important route for the bicycle race and marathon race in the north of Beijing.

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