Cycling Review | Campground on the Roof

“I went into the jungle because I wanted to live a meaningful life.

I wanted to live deeply and absorb all the essence of life.

Then I learned from it, so that when my life ended, I would not find that I had never lived.” – Walden Lake, we were all resisting and becoming numb.

Want to make life warm and jump off the boundary of repetition.

We can’t escape to poetry and distance on weekdays.

A camping, on the top of a busy building in the city, the traffic is busy and the stars are dotted.

Give yourself a little more breathing space for your unchanging life.

Tent, canopy, lawn, food Stay away from the noise, get close to nature, look up at the starry sky, relax and chat with your friends.

There is the fragrance of coffee floating around here, and there is a huge projection of classic movies.

We sit on the ground, accompanied by the sunset dinner, accompanied by the night wind and insects, and together we make food, chop firewood and light fire, and sing loudly.

On February 17, nearly 15 Honda cars met on the roof of the city, and we had a “flight” in the city.

We had fun on the roof and sang on the roof.

“Ride on Honda to meet the best people” 2023/02/17 “Contact us”.