Exposure of riding without safety helmet today (Issue 18)

I am a lonely helmet.

Although it is not as beautiful as a baseball cap and not as soft as a wool cap, but when I wear it, I need more protection when I ride.

But my master doesn’t think he always forgets me.

How can I wear a helmet to maximize the protection of my head? As the saying goes, “Here comes all the helmets”, how much can it take to put on the helmets in a few seconds? The first step of correct helmet wearing method: try to measure the head circumference or determine the helmet size after trying on the helmet before purchasing.

When wearing, adjust the rear adjuster to the appropriate position.

Step 2: wear the helmet horizontally, and do not lean forward or backward, otherwise the head will not be fully protected.

Step 3: Do not shake the helmet.

Tighten the adjuster until the helmet does not shake and feels comfortable.

Step 4: Grasp the position of the ear and adjust the height of the black split buckle of the webbing on both sides of the helmet so that the position of the ear is just between the front and rear webbing.

Step 5: The buckle should be fastened! Adjust the position and length of the clip socket of the chin and fasten it, leaving a finger gap at the chin, which is a safe and suitable wearing method.

In addition, Shu Shu often stressed with you that wearing a helmet ≠ wearing a helmet without buckle is a discount for riding safety.

Please don’t take the chance to fight for life.

The only traffic police in Wugang remind the public to wear a safety helmet correctly when riding an electric bicycle to comply with the traffic laws and regulations.

It is less lucky and more safe.

The traffic police in Wugang police seized 19 cases of alcohol in 4 days Drunken driving and riding without safety helmet were exposed today (the 17th issue) [Strengthening the Base Action] Wugang Public Security Traffic Police Film went to the countryside to help promote traffic safety.