Students who ride to school should not be ignored

At the beginning of school, many students began to ride bicycles to and from school.

Students should know more about the laws, regulations and precautions related to bicycle travel! First look at a CCTV report a few years ago about the age limit of cycling and the suggestion that people under the age of 14 should not ride electric bicycles; Drivers of bicycles and tricycles must be at least 12 years old; Driving electric bicycles and disabled motorized wheelchairs must be at least 16 years old; Shared bicycles cannot be registered under the age of 16, that is, they cannot ride shared bicycles under the age of 16.

Mountain bikes, especially road bikes, are recommended to ride after the age of 18.

Traffic rules for cycling When a bicycle passes an intersection controlled by a traffic signal, when it meets a release signal, the vehicle released by the release signal shall go ahead.

Non-motor vehicles shall not drive or stop in the driving area of motor vehicles.

Motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles go their own way.

For roads without bicycle lanes, non-motor vehicles shall drive on the right side of the traffic lane according to the law.

The bicycle lane is occupied and the bicycle cannot pass, so the adjacent motorway can be used.

Non-motor vehicles shall stop at the stop line or crosswalk line in case of a stop signal at a red light.

It is strictly forbidden to rush through the red light by pushing or bypassing.

The length of the bicycle load shall not exceed the vehicle body, the width shall not exceed the handlebars, and the height shall not exceed the bicyclist’s shoulders.

Key precautions: When you turn on your bike, you should extend your hand.

Extend your left hand when turning left; Do not turn sharply when the motor vehicle is approaching, or scramble for the road; Don’t turn small corners.

Don’t ride with one hand holding the handle and one umbrella.

When holding an umbrella, you should get off and push it.

When riding a bicycle, try not to take people in the back seat.

Don’t chase each other on the road by bike.

Wear riding safety helmet.

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