Draw a “rabbit” in Beijing by riding!

Focus on the “civilized Beijing” in early spring and February.

The recovery of all things is a good time for cycling.

Let’s ride our bikes together and shuttle through the smoke-filled old alleyways to draw a cute giant rabbit and take a breath of spring.

Wish the 2023 Jade Rabbit will be auspicious and the “Rabbit” will be great! There are many treasure spots along the way for you to sort out.

It’s very pleasant to ride while sightseeing.

Let’s start and punch in! Shichahai – Qianhai (start/end) Wanning Bridge, Huoshen Temple Silver Ingot Bridge, Yanbagxie Street Wanghai Tower, Song Qingling’s former residence Shichahai – Houhai Xinjiekou Huguo Temple Mei Lanfang Memorial Hall “Civilized Beijing” reminds everyone not to forget civilization and safety on the way to ride.

Let’s add civilized scenery to the city.

Tips on civilized riding √ Be a participant in civilized riding.

Consciously abide by traffic rules, do not run red lights, do not reverse, do not ride in the motorway, do not chase and fight, and maintain good public order.

√ Be a practitioner of standard parking.

Conscientiously abide by social ethics, consciously maintain parking order, park your bike neatly in the parking area of non-motor vehicles, and do not occupy blind roads, urban green space, urban roads, fire passages, bus stops and other public areas.

√ Be a disseminator of civilization and fashion.

Actively promote and advocate civilized riding, standardize parking, and safeguard the order of the city appearance, and strive to be the propagandist and advocate of civilized fashion.

In the event of a bicycle that has been parked randomly or damaged and fallen to the ground, I hope that the majority of citizens and volunteers can take the initiative to straighten it out and place it in a reasonable area, drive the people around them through their exemplary behavior, and spread the civilized fashion to every corner of the city.