[Safe Spring Festival Transportation Traffic Police] Today, riding without safety helmet was exposed

Why not wear a helmet? Are you wearing a helmet today? Maize is urging everyone to remember to wear helmets every day, but there are still people who don’t listen to you.

It’s not embarrassing.

It’s to remind and protect you to see who is exposed today! Riding motorcycles and electric vehicles without wearing safety helmets to expose the “head” and other major events with helmets ≠ wearing helmets incorrectly can not play a safety protection effect.

How to wear safety helmets correctly? For these precautions, you must know that 1.

After measuring the head circumference or trying on the helmet, determine the size of the helmet, and turn the rear adjuster to the maximum when wearing it.

2 Wear the helmet horizontally and do not lean forward or backward.

The rearward tilt of the helmet will block the vision and cannot protect the safety of the rear position of the head.

The forward tilt of the helmet will cause the helmet to fail to protect the safety of the forehead position.

3 Tighten the adjuster until the helmet does not shake and feels comfortable.

4 Adjust the height of the black split buckle of the webbing on both sides of the helmet so that the ear position is just between the front and rear webbing.

5 Adjust the length of the jaw socket and fasten it.

It is a safe and proper way to wear with a finger gap at the jaw.

I hope these friends who have been called by the traffic police to “roll call” can take the time to wear their helmets and go out again.

Everything is for everyone’s travel safety.

Helmets should not only be worn, but also be fastened! The final result of exchanging life safety for temporary comfort is often unacceptable.

Therefore, please remember that the majority of traffic participants must strictly abide by traffic regulations, ride and wear helmets, and be responsible for themselves and others.

[I am on duty during the Spring Festival] @ If you return, please accept this return strategy ↓↓↓↓ [with the traffic police during the Spring Festival] on the fourth day of the New Year, and stick to the “first” and other important things to keep your position unblocked.

Don’t be lucky! Big exposure without helmet! See who’s there.