Harley Davidson – Zhengzhou | 2023 annual cycling plan

Get on your car and ride against the wind.

The world outside is infinitely vast.

All the beautiful mountains, valleys, glaciers, rivers, towns, deserts, and cities along the way are waiting for you to conquer the pure freedom and unruly.

Everything is very eye-catching and the real world is wonderful.

Zhengzhou and you look forward to 2023 and your next wonderful journey.

Let’s join hands in the new year, I am excited to sing and laugh all the way, and ride side by side on Liberty Avenue with picturesque scenery (note: the following “2023 Annual Cycling Plan” or adjust it as appropriate due to uncertain factors, please subject to the final event recruitment) January 2023: Kaifeng Cycling: Kaifeng mileage: 150km (round trip) Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆☆ Recommendation: ★★★★☆☆ Time: estimated 1 day Introduction: the beginning of the new year, Kaifeng, the ancient capital of the eight dynasties, has a strong taste of the year, full of spring, a fiery scene, and a roaring Harley.

We went to a ride with traditional customs and culture and the delicious food of the ancient city, and felt the different flavor of the year.

February 2023: Yellow River Xiaolangdi Ride: Yellow River Xiaolangdi, Yingzui Mountain and other kilometers: 350km (round-trip) Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆ Recommendation: ★★★☆ Time: Estimated 1-2 days Introduction: Luoyang Yellow River Xiaolangdi Scenic Spot relies on engineering culture, is famous for its mountains, is famous for its water, and is full of gentle and delicate beauty.

It is called “the holy land of bending in Henan”.

The curve is the source of fun for us to ride.

At the beginning of the new year, we start from the curve.

March 2023: Danjiangkou Leisure Tour Ride: Nanyang, Danjiangkou Scenic Spot, etc.

Mileage: 1100km (round trip) Difficulty: ★★★☆☆ Recommendation: ★★★★ Time: estimated 3-4 days Introduction: Danjiangkou Reservoir is the largest artificial freshwater lake in Asia, the head of the canal and the water source of the middle route of the South-to-North Water Transfer in China, including Danjiang, the Three Gorges, Xiangyan Temple, the head of the canal, Jingziguan, Longshan and other boutique scenic spots (spots), It is a bright pearl inlaid in the junction of seven counties in Henan, Hubei and Shaanxi provinces, enjoying the reputation of “China’s water capital, Asia’s Tianchi”.

Laojieling, an ecotourism area, is located in the hometown of dinosaurs — Taiping Town, Xixia County, Nanyang City, Henan Province, an excellent tourist city in China.

It is the main peak of Mount Funiu, the core area of the Nanyang Funiu Mountain World Geopark, the national AAAAA scenic area, and the national nature reserve.

It is known as “leisure resort and holiday paradise”.

April 2023: Warm Spring Tour of the Yellow River Ecological Corridor (along the Yellow River Sightseeing Road) Ride: Huashan Mountain, Hukou Waterfall, Qiankun Bay, Tongguan Ancient City, Yellow River Serpentine National Geopark, etc.

Mileage: 1600km (round trip) Difficulty: ★★★★☆ Recommendation: ★★★★ Time: estimated 5-7 days Introduction: along the Yellow River Sightseeing Road (S201 section along the Yellow River), also known as China’s “No.

1 Highway”, which starts at the foot of Mount Hua in Weinan in the south, To the north is Fugu County, Yulin City, which includes all the essence scenic spots on both sides of the Yellow River in Shaanxi and Shanxi.

It is a high profile highway of more than 800 kilometers.

Along the way, there are more than 50 scenic spots, such as Xiyue Huashan, Hukou Waterfall, Hechuan Wetland, Tongguan Ancient City, Yellow River Serpentine National Geological Park, Qiankun Bay, etc.

There are many observation platforms on both sides of the road, which is convenient for riding and enjoying the scenery.

Riding along the Yellow River highway can not only experience the folk customs along the Yellow River, but also taste the unique Shanxi and Shaanxi cuisine.

In 2023, it is a road worth riding.

May 2023: Xinyang Nanwan Lake Tea Mountain Ride: Nanwan Lake Scenic Spot, Xinyang Maojian Tea Mountain, Jigong Mountain, etc.

Mileage: 900km (round trip) Difficulty: ★★★ ☆ Recommendation: ★★★★ Time: estimated 3-4 days Introduction: The Pearl of Zhongyuan — Xinyang Nanwan Lake Wind Scenic Spot is located in the southwest of Xinyang City, Henan Province, only 5 kilometers from the city center, and is the core scenic spot of the Funiu Mountain ecotourism route in Henan Province, The planned area of the scenic spot is 724 square kilometers.

It is a tourist attraction focusing on ecotourism and integrating leisure and vacation, water recreation, folk customs, and summer resort.

The scenic spot has successively won the honorary titles of National Forest Park, National Water Conservancy Scenic Spot, National AAAA Tourist Attraction, Henan Provincial Scenic Spot, and Henan Provincial Civilized Scenic Spot.

Xinyang is the capital of Maojian in China, and Xinyang Maojian is one of the top ten famous teas in China.

Jigong Mountain in Yunzhong Park is a national natural scenic spot and one of the four major summer resorts in China, known as the “World Architecture Expo Park”.

June, 2023: The ultimate journey of the Qinghai-Gansu Grand Circle: Qinghai Lake, Chaka Salt Lake, Dunhuang, Mogao Grottoes, Crescent Spring, Jiayuguan, Qilian Prairie, Colorful Danxia, etc.

Mileage: 3000km (round-trip) Difficulty: ★★★★★ Recommended: ★★★★ Time: 12-15 days expected Introduction: Qinghai-Gansu Grand Circle, it is one of the best northwest riding routes at present! The whole journey is more than 3000 kilometers.

The scenic spots along the route include Qinghai Lake, Chaka Salt Lake, Dunhuang, Mogao Grottoes, Crescent Spring, Jiayuguan, Qilian Prairie, and Colorful Danxia, covering more than 20 of the most essence scenic spots in Qinghai and Gansu.