Spring Festival cycling: keep these eight in mind

At the beginning of the New Year, everything is new.

There must be many children who want to go out by bike during the Spring Festival holiday.

The editor has compiled some safety suggestions for riding during the Spring Festival.

Don’t forget to collect them.


Look at the weather forecast before going out.

Don’t ride a bike in case of rain and snow.

The slippery road is most prone to accidents.


Do not wear earphones, which may make you unable to hear the sound of vehicles roaring past or honking.


When crossing the intersection, turn carefully to the vehicle, do not rush, concentrate and quickly pass the intersection.


When riding on urban roads, don’t disobey the traffic rules because there are few vehicles on the road during the Spring Festival.

It is very dangerous to run the red light and go retrograde, because motor vehicles may also speed up because of good road conditions.


When riding in the countryside, you must be accompanied, and do not leave the team without authorization, because riding together can not only encourage each other, but also help each other in case of emergencies.


When riding in the bicycle lane, be sure to pay attention to the vehicles parked at the roadside.

It may open the door at any time.


Wear protective equipment, especially helmets and gloves.

Proper wearing of protective equipment can play a good role in protection.


Don’t use electronic equipment while riding.

Keep your sight flexible.

At the same time, observe the changes of surrounding road conditions with residual light at any time.

Finally, I wish you a happy Spring Festival and a safe ride.