Riding in the middle of the night, “flying up passively” and looking back to see “small colored flags”

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We told the owner of a fruit shop in Zhili, Huzhou.

He rode a battery car and met a pit on the road of the community at more than 8:00 p.m.

on January 9.

He broke his collarbone when he fell, and now he still doesn’t know who should be responsible.

(The video is recommended to be watched by WIFI network) The place of the incident is Zhilijia Community, Zhili Town, Huzhou.

On the road next to Building 8, there is a rectangular ground between the two manhole covers, which has been repaired with asphalt.

Boss Xu: At that time, the construction here was more than ten or twenty centimeters deep, and there was no protection on both sides.

Two garbage cans were placed on the cover of the inspection well.

When driving over, all the direct people flew up and fell there.

Boss Xu rented a shop along the street to open a fruit shop.

He said that he often rode in and out of the community.

The photos at that time showed that Boss Xu and the battery car both fell to the ground.

There was a rectangular pit on the side.

It looked very deep.

There was a garbage can at both ends.

There was also a broken rope on the bucket, and the rope was covered with colored flags.

Boss Xu suffered a fracture of his right clavicle in this fall and was hospitalized for five days.

He said that he spent more than 20000 yuan on treatment.


Wang, property manager of Zhiliren Community in Huzhou, said that our community was undergoing rectification at that time.

Reporter: Did you use warning signs to stop it at that time? Mr.

Wang, property manager of Zhiliren Community in Huzhou, said: “At that time, all the owners of our community knew it.

All the owners of our community knew it.

They stopped it, got a red flag to stop it, and then put the garbage can.”.

The property manager Wang is not in the community.

The screenshot she sent to the reporter shows that the owner group has previously informed that the 8 buildings are not accessible here and need to be bypassed.

However, Boss Xu is not the owner of the community, not in the owner group.

Later, the photo sent by Wang Jingli to the reporter showed that the eight buildings were under construction, with trash cans at both ends, baffles in the middle, and ropes tied with colored flags to block the road.

However, at that time, the pit had been poured with cement, and the pit was relatively shallow.

Compared with the photos taken when Boss Xu fell, the pit was much shallower.

Because the property did not provide surveillance video, it is not known how the scene was and how Boss Xu fell down.

The property manager Wang said that the construction team was not invited by them.

She provided the telephone number of a boss Shen of the construction team, but the other party said that his surname was Chen after calling.

The phone number provided by the property manager Wang: Not from the construction team, I wear children’s clothes.

Boss Xu: Children’s wear? The phone number provided by the property manager Wang: Hmm.

Reporter: Manager Chen, I am 1818 Gold-eye reporter.

This number is given to him by the property Boss Xu: Hang up.

The other party hung up the phone and wouldn’t answer it if they called again.

The fruit shop owner Xu was puzzled.

He said that when the traffic police called, the other party repeatedly shirked the responsibility, but did not say it was made of children’s clothes.

Previously, the traffic police issued a certificate to Mr.

Xu, proving that Mr.

Xu fell down at the construction depression of the self-built road in the community, but who was responsible was not mentioned.


Wang, property manager of Zhiliren Community in Huzhou, said: That’s the only phone number, and I only have this one.

Boss Xu: Which construction team is he? Mr.

Wang, the property manager of the Zhiliren Community in Huzhou, said: I don’t know.

It was sent by the government, so I don’t know.

The reporter accompanied Boss Xu to the community.

Director Zhou of the community contacted the project contractor on the spot.

Director Zhou of Xiaohe Community, Zhili Town, Wuxing District, Huzhou: Let’s make an appointment here.

You can come to our community to make a negotiation and call the property management.

Boss Xu: What’s the date? Director Zhou of Xiaohe Community, Zhili Town, Wuxing District, Huzhou: I’ll tell him this, because it’s not your party, but he and the property.

It won’t take long for you to call and contact you.

Reporter: Are you sure this is the construction party? Director Zhou of Xiaohe Community, Zhili Town, Wuxing District, Huzhou: I don’t know if he did the construction, but he must have contracted it.

That is to say, it was the diversion of rainwater and sewage at that time, and the main construction party of the diversion of rainwater and sewage was him.

Director Zhou of the community left the contact information of Boss Xu and said that he would invite the project contractor and property manager to negotiate together.

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