Cycling publicity makes anti-drug knowledge permeate the hearts of the people

Drug control publicity On February 6, Rongshui Town held a cycling activity of “drug control knowledge into thousands of families” to further expand the coverage of drug control publicity and improve the awareness rate of drug prevention among the whole people.

More than 60 people, including members of the three leading groups in Rongshui Town and all cadres, police officers of the police station, anti-drug social workers, and members of the two committees of each village (community), formed a volunteer team to carry out the activities.

The activity takes two-wheel electric vehicles as the main riding tool, and while advocating green travel, it also embeds the concept of national drug control.

The cycling team is divided into four groups.

The anti-drug propaganda volunteers wear green vests, hold anti-drug propaganda flags, ride along the street in the rain and cold wind, and go to Lusheng Square, Mengwu Miao Village Scenic Area, Town Middle School, Su Meng Square and other areas with large traffic, which turns into a beautiful scenic line.

When passing through shops, supermarkets, public transport stations and other densely populated places, the anti-drug propaganda volunteers patiently publicized the anti-drug laws and regulations and drug-related knowledge to the public, distributed anti-drug leaflets, and reminded the public to firmly establish the concept of “cherish life and refuse drugs”.

At the same time, the masses were urged to report to the police in time once they found clues related to drugs.

This anti-drug publicity campaign will further guide residents to pay attention to anti-drug work and participate in the construction of a beautiful drug-free home.

In the next step, Rongshui Town will continue to carry out various forms of anti-drug publicity activities, further deepen the public’s understanding of drugs, improve the public’s awareness and ability of drug prevention and drug rejection, and make every effort to create a good atmosphere for the public to participate in drug control.

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