Ride or walk, these greenway spring can’t be missed!

The beginning of spring has arrived, and everything is recovering.

As the poet said, “some new life is as unstoppable as the season”.

So, where to look for the poet’s spring? Go to feel the poem “The sky street is as moist as the crisp rain, and the grass color is not visible from a distance”, “The spring grass is green every year, and the king and sun are not returning”, and “The spring breeze is green on the south bank of the river, when will the bright moon shine on me?” Now, let’s look at the 10 ecological greenways with high beauty in Hubei, ready to move towards spring! Part 1 Wuhan East Lake Greenway Map/Wuhan East Lake Greenway Wuhan East Lake Greenway is the first 5A scenic greenway in the urban area of China, consisting of Huzhong Road, Hushan Road, Moshan Road, Country Road, Tingtao Road, Forest Road, and White Horse Road theme greenway.

It stretches 101.98 kilometers, bringing together the beautiful scenery of the five scenic spots of the East Lake Moshan, Tingtao, Luoyan, Yuguang and Yujia Lake.

Above/Wuhan East Lake Greenway (photo by Li Xi, reporter of Hubei Daily) Below/Wuhan East Lake Greenway (photo by Hu Jiusi, reporter of Changjiang Daily) The moist wind blows from the lake, and the trees standing beside the road can feel the spring from the pavement.

Walking and cycling along the East Lake Greenway has become a daily project for citizens to relax and relax.

On sunny days, it is very pleasant to meet with family and friends, accompany with the scenery of the forest and the wild, and laugh all the way.

Part 2 Wuhan Moon Lake Greenway Map/Wuhan Moon Lake Greenway Although the Moon Lake Greenway is not as famous as the East Lake, it has its own charm.

It is a homelike existence in the hearts of the old Hanyang people, and a good place for generations of Hanyang people to spend their time and entertainment.

Here you can see the elderly walking after dinner, the children playing and the tourists coming from the legend of “high mountains and flowing water”.

Figure/Wuhan Yuehu Greenway Yuehu Greenway is 6.5km long, including a section of about 1km long sleeper plank road, which is the first pure wooden plank road with a length of 1000m in Wuhan.

During the walk, the flowers and plants grow on the winding path.

It is like entering a secret place in the forest, with a long lasting charm.

Part 3 Map of the greenway around Jinyin Lake in Wuhan/As the largest and best ecological lake in Hankou, the greenway around Jinyin Lake in Wuhan has unique natural advantages: 12000 mu of water area and 42000 meters of lake shoreline.

The 42-kilometer greenway around Jinyin Lake is full of nature, ecology and wildness.

Jinyin Lake Wetland Park is its starting point.

Take the Golden Bridge, Shangjin Lake, Xiajin Lake, Shangyin Lake, Xiayin Lake, Ink Lake and Yinqiao, and draw a full stop at the east of Yinqiao.

Photo/Wuhan Jinyin Lake Greenway (Changjiang Daily) On the 2 to 3 meter wide greenway, you can walk in the forest, watch birds in the wetland, and reach the beautiful and spectacular calamus, metasequoia forest and willow bank.

Looking down from the sky, the greenway is in a large ring, connecting Jinshan Avenue greenway, Yuanbo Garden greenway and Jinyin Lake Wetland Park greenway.

Here you can not only enjoy riding, but also interact with small wild animals.

Part 4 Wuhan Houguan Lake Greenway Map/Wuhan Houguan Lake Greenway Houguan Lake is mainly composed of Zhiyin Lake, Pisi Lake, Bailian Lake, Swan Lake and Gaohu Lake.

The lake shoreline is naturally tortuous and the lake and mountain scenery complement each other.

Houguanhu Greenway is the first country greenway in Wuhan and the first urban sightseeing greenway in Wuhan, with a total length of 110 kilometers.

If a person runs along the Houguanhu Greenway for a whole lap, it means that he has completed two and a half marathon races at one go.

Figure/Wuhan Houguanhu Greenway Houguanhu Greenway is built along the lake, with a width of 4 meters, and is made of stone road and water wooden plank road.

On both sides of the road, there are lakes and mountains on one side, lush trees on the other side, birds singing and flowers fragrant.

Here you can play live CS field, long-distance running, race walking, cycling, and also play “tall” model aircraft and yachts.

Part 5 Yichang Guanzhuang Greenway Map/Yichang Guanzhuang Greenway Guanzhuang Greenway is located in Guanzhuang Village, Yichang City, which is a corridor full of flowers.

The total length of the greenway is 6.8 kilometers, surrounded by osmanthus, ginkgo, bamboo and other trees.

Different seasons change, bringing different visual enjoyment to tourists.

It is like walking into a beautiful mountain poem from real life.

Photo/In recent years, along the Guanzhuang Greenway in Yichang, the intangible cultural heritage “prints” with an area of about 1 square meter have been made into huge pieces, which have been put on the eye-catching residential exterior walls along the way.

The idyllic scenery and traditional art complement each other, bringing more spiritual enjoyment to tourists.

Part 6 Huangshi Fuji Mountain Leisure Greenway/Huangshi Fuji Mountain Leisure Greenway (Huangshi Radio and Television Station) The Fuji Mountain Leisure Greenway is built along the foot of the Fuji Mountain, with a total length of 23 kilometers (including auxiliary lines), and runs through the villages along the two towns of Prince and Dawang in Huangshi City.

There are two service centers, five post stations and pavilions along the way, and seven bridges with unique style and novel design.

Surrounding the mountain, passing through the forest, traveling along the water bank, walking beside the village, close to the natural ecology, countryside and countryside.

This greenway effectively connects the existing six mountaineering trails in the father-child mountain, forming a green leisure system with a total length of more than 100 kilometers, rich levels and diverse contents.

Photo/The gentle wind blows through the leisure greenway of Huangshi father-child mountain in spring.

There are forests around and clear streams at the foot.

Walk through the “natural oxygen bar” father-child mountain greenway and immerse yourself in the natural scenery.

Part 7 Xianning 10000 mu Tea Garden Cycling Greenway Map/Xianning 10000 mu Tea Garden Cycling Slow Park 10000 mu Tea Garden Cycling Slow Park is the “most ecological bicycle slow park” in Hubei.

The cycling road is paved with colored asphalt concrete, 3.5 meters wide and 2400 meters long, crisscrossing the tea garden of 10000 mu, beautifying the whole park.

Picture/Xianning 10000 mu tea garden cycling greenway cycling in 10000 mu tea garden, enjoy oxygen.

Under the rainbow, there were some sounds of tea picking girls playing, and the air was full of the fragrance of spring tea.

If you are tired, you can rest in the town to taste coffee and tea and enjoy the spring day.