Riding 100km makes it easier to concentrate

▲ Click on the blue “Liu Dabai’s Cross-border Diary” ▲ Since Brother Dalong began to be infatuated with cycling, he rolled me to ride every day, so after talking with Van offline yesterday, he decided to ride the 100km Tianfu Greenway today, and rushed to Decathlon early in the morning to buy the most important cycling clothes, and bought a lot of other things by the way.

As a result, as soon as he got on the bike and was ready to wear the cycling clothes, he directly broke a hole, and no payment was made for 10 minutes.

Then I took it to the front desk to replace it.

The front desk stabbed it with a sharp object, and then didn’t replace it.

I didn’t win the first round, ran back to the car, and then let my sister take it.

My sister finally returned without success, so I ran to the third round with it.

Generally, there are many ways to return goods.

For merchants, they will first avoid the success of the user’s return (except for Pangdonglai).

After all, it is a loss.

So I will repeatedly say that this is your problem, and then I can take it and sew it myself.

Where they haven’t solved it yet, you have to sew it.

The problem is that I just bought it for a few minutes and it broke.

It is really a quality problem.

The first round seemed to have no effect, so in the third round, I raised my voice a little and said that the problem must be solved today.

It was effective indeed.

For general matters, as long as I spoke louder and showed a strong attitude, I could improve the success rate of safeguarding my rights and interests, and finally returned the goods successfully, reducing my losses.

The manager of Decathlon also said that as long as you do not violate my conscience, I will return it to you.

I take a new bad one home.

That’s what makes me think hard every day.

I started cycling at 12:00, and because I took the wrong road and made a big circle in the middle of a lake, it was easy to enter the focus mode when cycling, and I was thinking about accelerating and moving forward wholeheartedly.

In addition, my exercise in recent months has been more effective, so I didn’t feel tired during cycling, except for my butt is too uncomfortable, so cycling pants should be necessary, otherwise I can’t ride for a long distance.

Finally, we successfully challenged 100km cycling.

The work of combining work with rest can make you like sports, so that you can switch between work and rest.

It is difficult to recover energy by simply lying, and it is easy to get tired as you lie.

The next challenge is to ride 100 km for 4 hours.