If you ride slowly, it really doesn’t matter!

Cycling is a beautiful sport.

You need to enjoy the joy of this sport.

Any riding data and race results cannot explain everything in some riding.

No matter how fast or slow we ride, as long as we experience it with our heart.

Riding slowly is the normal sport for everyone.

Everyone’s physical quality and system are different, and their riding conditions are different.

Even if you are in a different state today and yesterday, your riding performance is different, let alone compare with others.

The speed of strong body is fast, and the speed of weak body is slow.

This is a natural law.

It doesn’t matter if you ride slowly, because many people ride slowly like you.

Riding slowly is a kind of experience.

The pleasure of creating a new personal riding record, the satisfaction of completing hard training, and the sense of loss of unsatisfactory results after the race will all bring you different experiences.

No matter how fast or slow you ride, you can experience the scenery along the road and the ups and downs of the ride.

This is also the charm of cycling.

Riding slowly is also worthy of respect.

Riding is a sport that breaks through itself.

The front wave is always beaten to death by the back wave on the beach.

Even if the winner of the four Tour de France championships, the current state does not mean that he is no longer excellent.

It is also used to question whether he is worthy of the title of “professional” and “elite” players.

As long as you ride hard, you should be respected no matter how fast or slow you are.

It is also justifiable to ride slowly and not easily injured.

It seems that many riders are full of speed in their minds because of the pursuit of so-called speed.

Just like being possessed, they take extreme measures and methods to break through the so-called extreme limit regardless of their physical condition.

This is easy to cause physical injury, but it is not worth the loss.

Any form of cycling should be carried out on the premise of ensuring safety and health.

Ride slowly for the sake of health Most riders ride for the sake of health.

But riding fast does not necessarily bring health, which is contrary to the original intention.

If everyone rides on the premise of health, what’s the difference between the speed of each ride? Like many old riders, it is exactly what they are constantly pursuing, and constantly strive to ride forward.

Riding slowly has nothing to do with others.

Riding is a very personal thing.

If you like to ride by yourself, you can ride by yourself.

If you like to ride by a group of people, you can ride by a group of people.

Don’t care about others’ feelings.

You can ride fast or slow, which has nothing to do with others.

We don’t have to care what others say.

You don’t have to blame yourself.

It really doesn’t matter whether you ride fast or slow.

As long as you can move, you will defeat those who don’t move at all.

The speed and slowness of cycling is actually in your heart.

The world of cycling is always open to you.

Speed is really not that important.

Don’t worry.

The right way is to ride fast or slow, and to ride confidently and healthily.

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