Ride and leave some time for yourself to savor life!

Click “Cycling Online” on the top to pay attention to the fact that as a busy urban person, we will shuttle through the chaos of the world every day.

I’m afraid everyone has already lost their original sweetness and the right to dream.

Italy, a country capable of producing Ferrari, was the first initiator of advocating a slow pace of life; France – the first country in the world to master nuclear technology, but the world’s highest level bicycle race is launched on the country’s vast roads.

Riding, perhaps not many people understand the enjoyment that this sport brings to people, whether it is a slow walk or a rapid progress, each has its own charm.

Imagine that when we ride a bicycle, we are really surrounded by an authentic country.

At this time, we ride slowly, walk slowly, indulge in the country path, indulge in the golden wheat field, and never want to return to the busy city, It is a kind of feeling to quietly enjoy everything that only belongs to you.

In the same way, let our thoughts circle to the smooth road, and the hot sun shines directly into our eyes.

However, we are already ready and ready to sprint with all our strength.

Finally, the last five kilometers, but we will see that none of our clothes will be clean.

Between words, the end point has arrived, and we have all stepped off our cars and smiled at each other.

This is not a wonderful race, It’s just a communication between friends.

Even so, we all have our own skills, because we are very serious about it.

After a busy week, it is only at this time that we can put down all our burdens, take this as a means of venting, make all preparations, and face the next difficulties.

For this reason, I have been carrying out this sport all the time.

Every time I go out for a ride, I will always see some things, such as laughter, sadness, good and evil in the world, and everything will be more or less reflected in my mind,.

This sport has brought me a lot of unforgettable and indelible marks – I saw a person running a red light and being hit by a speeding bicycle at the Third Center of Tianjin.

The bloody scene was shocking.

I have also seen people with back pockets and young people talking together.

Of course, this is also a relatively dangerous thing.

However, in our life, are there times when it is not dangerous? Many people say that we should learn to taste life, and how can we understand life? First of all, we should slow down our pace, split everything in life into segments, read carefully, and taste slowly, so that we can read the bitterness of life, read the taste of life, and let us understand that life is always our own.

Leave some time for us to relax, leave some leisure for us to taste, why not Riding is a pious pilgrimage.

It is a kind of penance and experience.

Sometimes I often wonder what the meaning of riding is? Is it persistence all the way? Is it the beautiful scenery along the way? Or the happiness of arriving at the destination? Maybe not.

Every person who loves riding has different meanings in his mind.

It may be a kind of life perception, a kind of self breakthrough, a kind of memory pursuit, or a kind of growth sharpening.

But no matter how it appears in people’s mind, it is a kind of healthy and upward lifestyle endorsement.

The process of riding may be very hard and tiring, but we have always insisted that even if we are tired, we are happy.

Challenge, the meaning of riding, is the meaning of life.

There is a rainbow in the sky edited by the old wolf.

It is beautiful in the sky after the rain.

There is also a rainbow in life, that is, riding.

It makes life colorful.

We are full of vitality and youth.

Our youthful life and youthful cycling make our hearts fly young.

There is no failure.

Regardless of success or failure, cycling is the rainbow of our life!!! Every like you order, I seriously regard it as like, share, collect, like.