[Ride] Cabbage price of air ticket, Hainan East Line ride, sea, beach, coconut forest Tropical style, unlimited freedom!

After the Spring Festival, the crowd fades, and Hainan regains its usual tranquility.

The recent period can be said to be the best time to ride in Hainan.

There are few scenic beauties, and the price of the ticket is cabbage.

Here are the tickets to Haikou in several major cities across the country.

The cheapest Shanghai is only one hundred or more fast, and the trip is to go to the right place at the right time.

If you have the time now, it is the best opportunity for the north wind to shout and the hot money to return! Seven years of original classic routes continue to optimize.

We boldly choose and choose on the basis of the traditional 450km east route.

We have designed this unique cycling route, including coconut forest, rural path, coastline, tropical garden, rainforest, and nature reserve.

We have pioneered the mode of combining cycling and leisure, so that we can not only avoid the surging crowds on the conventional tourism routes, but also social, coffee, food, and holiday beauty photography, Exquisite camping and sea activities are perfectly combined ▼ Hainan’s wonderful video of cycling 01 The seaside carnival plays a half-day passion paddle at the beach with few beautiful people, watches open-air movies at the seaside barbecue+bonfire party, listens to the ebb and flow of the tide, watches the sunset and sunrise, camp in Indian tents on the beach, listens to the waves and dreams 02 Shimei Bay beach strolls Shimei Bay, which is praised as the most beautiful bay in Hainan.

Here are blue sea, green mountains, white sand, strange stones, coconut trees The streams are intertwined, and the fresh net-red architecture of the coastal bookstore is embellished, which makes every traveler want to stop and stroll to feel the charm of the coconut breeze and the slow time 03 Explore the shallow metamorphic rock sea erosion cave, which is composed of blue sea, yellow sand beach and black rocks.

The shallow metamorphic rock sea erosion cave is the unique geographical wonder of Hainan Province.

We will explore the secret land under the reef cliff and taste the uncanny workmanship of nature.

04 Xinglong Coffee+taste the flavor of Southeast Asia in the 1950s, When the Korean War broke out, Southeast Asia set off a wave of anti-China and a large number of overseas Chinese were expelled.

The homeless Premier Zhou Enlai proposed to accept the overseas Chinese who were resettled to return to the motherland in Xinglong and make a ground-breaking start.

Since then, Southeast Asian coffee culture and food culture have spread from here.

Xinglong coffee at 18.8 ° north latitude is recognized as a high-quality coffee producer in the world.

We will enjoy coffee culture here, Taste Southeast Asian delicacies ▲ Nicholas Tse – Feng Wei Tong 05 Tropical Nature Reserve’s wonderful ride through the world’s only island type macaque nature reserve, where more than 2500 national second-class protected animals, macaques, let us have a close touch with the wild monkeys, and feel the harmonious coexistence of local villagers and animals 06 belongs to the food travel and cycling, Go to find the local people’s street delicacy Coconut Forest to pick up fresh coconuts and drink them now.

The Nanyang style restaurant where the grass is plucked is delicious and inexpensive.

In addition, it takes five days for refreshing and refreshing, hot and sour powder, and coconut jelly.

Three food cities and N kinds of Hainan cuisine will ignite your taste bud journey.

07 Sailing out+Marine motorboat/banana boat sail in Sanya Bay, experience the excitement of sailing out to sea, and be a “sea rider”, You can also play a motorboat or banana boat to experience the excitement of sea turbulence.

Only choose the most essence scenic road section with an average daily intensity of about 50 kilometers.

Get rid of the cold weather in subtropical winter, and focus on sunny Lingshui and Sanya Xiaozhong Beach+Haiyun Coconut Forest+Coastal Road+Sea Erosion Cave+Hot Belt Garden+Nature Reserve+National Greenway+Pastoral Scenery+Cross sea Bridge, which has absorbed 4+2 (times a day) The advantages of leisure riding also avoid the trouble caused by 4+2 repeated transitions and the lack of fun to ride.

It covers the essence of Hainan’s east line, but also pays attention to the exploration of fewer people and beautiful scenery.

It adds authentic characteristic experience, which makes it worthwhile for everyone to pick coconuts in the coconut forest, camp on the beach, have coffee classes close to wild animals, paddle boards, seaside barbecue, bonfire party special food, hot springs, sailboats, and motorboats to meet your fantasy of the island! ⏵ Landing on the coconut island and picking the coconut ▲ Does the bonfire party mean hard conditions? No! One night’s hot spring hotel, one night’s holiday hotel, one night’s beach hotel, one night’s beach camping, select the characteristic hotels with good looks and reputation, and keep your spirits up, so that you can enjoy your ride.

Whether it’s a couple, parents, or friends, the moderate intensity of Hainan cycling is the catalyst for your feelings to heat up.

As long as you can ride a bike, you can complete our Hainan cycling.

So, you just need to make a decision to start! 01 Travel arrangement (50-60km per day) D1 Everywhere – Boao rally – Boao (stay) at 3:00 p.m.

Boao Hotel to gather, distribute bicycles and equipment, train riding skills, and introduce travel items.

Ride along the coastal highway and the golden coast, cruise the coastal town of Boao, and have free activities at the seaside in the evening.

You can visit the story bar of the sea, the landmark of Boao literature and art.

D2 Boao – Shanqin Bay – Shangen – Wuchang Port (overnight): In the morning, ride in the idyllic world with green trees, shuttle through the sparsely populated rural roads, cross the sea bridge, play on the beach of Shanqin Bay, and taste the local favorite food at noon.

In the afternoon, you can ride all the way to Wuchang Port.

You can see a large area of pineapple fields and betel nut fields along the way.

You can walk through various fishing villages along the Peninsula Highway and arrive at Wuchang Port Hotel to check in.

You can go to the port to stop and taste various fresh seafood.

D3 Wuchang Port – Shimei Bay – Xinglong National Greenway – Coffee Garden – Xinglong (Su) rides into the coastal highway.

The coastal sightseeing highway has few scenic cars.

After lunch, stroll on Shimei Bay beach in the white sand and blue sea.

In the afternoon, ride into the national greenway, shuttle around the tropical plant kingdom, circle the mountains and water, and feel the tropical flavor.

Then arrive at the coffee plantation, visit the coffee plantation, and taste the fragrant Xinglong coffee and coconut cake, Learn about the coffee culture and the history of the hometown of overseas Chinese in the coffee corridor.

Go to the hot spring pool at night to lie down and wash away the tiredness of the day.