Please pay attention to these things when riding an electric bicycle!

“Many people choose to ride electric bicycles because of their convenience and speed, but some drivers are lucky enough to ignore traffic rules and pay a heavy price…” Click to watch the video《 “As traffic participants, do you know the correct way to ride an electric bicycle? 01 Walking in a non motorized lane is divided into motorized lanes, non motorized lanes, and sidewalks based on road conditions and traffic needs.

Motor vehicles, non motorized vehicles, and pedestrians are divided into lanes.

Electric bicycles belong to non motorized vehicles and should be driven in the non motorized lane.

If there are no non motorized lanes, they should be driven within 1.5 meters of the right side of the road.

02″ “Don’t run a red light.

Everyone knows that” stop at a red light, go at a green light.

“If you ignore the presence of traffic lights and disregard the red light instructions, you can easily cause traffic accidents.

Wearing a safety helmet on the head is the most vulnerable and vulnerable part of the human body to fatal injury.

Once an electric bicycle rider has an accident, his head collides with a hard road surface, which is tantamount to striking a stone with an egg.

Therefore, wearing a safety helmet is a necessary protective measure for safe riding.

When riding or riding an electric bicycle, it is necessary to correctly wear a safety helmet to protect the head and reduce the degree of accident injury.

Remind the general public to consciously abide by traffic rules and cultivate good habits of civilized travel to create a civilized and orderly urban road traffic safety environment together! Source: Foshan Public Security Bureau.