May Day, 2022, cycling in Lhasa (the 32nd day)

On the 32nd day of riding in Sichuan-Tibet, on June 1, it was cloudy and sunny.

Ranwu Town – Bomi County, the ride took 137.01 kilometers, took 7 hours and 39 minutes, climbed 574 meters, and the total mileage was 2674.53 kilometers.

After breakfast at 7:00 in the morning, I left Wuzhen and came to the lakeside not far away.

This road has been walking along the lakeside.

The scenery is so beautiful.

I stopped to take photos while walking.

I played at the lakeside for two hours unconsciously.

There was a water crossing road in the Midui Glacier Scenic Spot.

Most cyclists walked by the side bridge.

They intended to ride there.

Many self-driving people still didn’t play there.

It was too dangerous.

At 10:30, I arrived at the gate of the Midui Glacier Scenic Spot.

There are still many self-driving tourists here.

After all, it is a well-known scenic spot.

I am not interested in the scenic spot, so I took a photo to continue my journey.

There was a checkpoint in front of Yupu Township.

After passing the checkpoint, I had lunch at the roadside.

I didn’t notice that Yang Jie was riding past, but I thought she was behind.

After coming out of Ranwu Lake, and going downstream along the Palong Zangbo River, not far from Songzong Town, and getting closer to Bomi, the scenery on both sides of the road began to become as beautiful as Jiangnan, as if stepping into another world.

I arrived in Bomi at about 5:00 pm.

I went with Sister Yang to see that the Inn 57 was a little far away from the main city.

Because I wanted to repair my car here, I went back to the city and found a hotel to stay.

I went to repair my car and had dinner nearby.

The owner of the car shop was from Sichuan, and his wife worked in the hotel where I stayed.

The hotel was still a designated reception hotel by the government.

The young man was very friendly and agile.

He repaired the car for me soon.

The night view of Bomi County is very beautiful.

At night, I ran out to the square and the riverside for a walk.

Not far from Ranwu Town, we have been riding along Xiaranwu Lake, the famous online red card punching ground.

The scene of the boys who went to Tibet with their paralyzed wives on 318 wading carts has changed.

It’s a bit of Jiangnan flavor.

The little beauty Bomi, who was broadcast live by Kwai carts, is the birthplace of the first generation Tibetan king, Niechisanpu.

Therefore, it is called the “hometown of the Tibetan king”.

The square in front of the Rainbow Hotel, which was taken in the street when repairing a car, is rarely so convenient to live in, At night, the square is very busy, and there are citizens jumping in Guozhuang.

The night view of the county seat is very beautiful.

The following is the hotel we stayed in tonight.

The conditions are very good.

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