Recruiting by bike | Ride along Longjing Road, Hangzhou, with sweet osmanthus all the way! Don’t miss it!

The whole journey is about 10km, and the estimated time is 2.5 hours.

The cycling route: China Tea Museum – Longjing Road – Longjing Village – Longjing Mountain Garden – Longlong Guiyu – Hupao Road – Yanggongdi – Longjing Village – China Tea Museum.

This exciting Longjing cycling route, the veteran drivers should know at a glance if they are not opposed to you directly signing up for QR code here.

Longjing Road – as the “holy road” in the hearts of Hangzhou riders, is also a “novice” When you ride along the must-riding route, the scenery on both sides of the road makes you feel like you are in a paradise far away from the noise of the city.

You can slow down and enjoy the beauty of the early autumn in Hangzhou.

You can go up and down along the S-shaped mountain road together, and the scenery at your feet seems to be happy and bright, surrounded by mountains, and the layered tea fields make you want to take more beautiful pictures.

When you feel tired, you can stop and close your eyes to blow the wind in the mountains and forests! The whole area in sight is cured blue-green, passing through Longjing Village, along the way are tea houses and tea stands, with faint fragrance of tea floating in the air.

On the way, the bus stops at Man Jue Long, and a few beautiful photos are taken.

It is the season when osmanthus flowers are blooming, and the pearl, rose and rose trees fall in the wind, Have a taste of the joy of picking osmanthus by hand.

As the most popular “seasonal tea” in autumn, Hangzhou people come here to brew a cup of sweet osmanthus Longjing and taste the oldest handicraft in Hangzhou.

This is the autumn flavor of Hangzhou.

After you have had enough to eat and drink, restart the cycling mode! In the process of tea rolling and blooming, the few osmanthus flowers left by the rapid sedimentation float on the top of the tea soup and watch the tea in the cup.

Feel the beauty of knowing the autumn with a leaf.

The osmanthus flowers will be picked.

Hand knead and dry the sweet osmanthus flowers to make the exclusive “sweet osmanthus flowers”.

The sweet osmanthus flowers can make tea and porridge, bring a sweet taste to the heart, and also take the sweet osmanthus flowers home to enjoy the scenery, Of course, with the coolest people, there will be two professional and interesting cycling leaders who will lead you to start the cycling journey.

① Lisa — a professional cycling leader who has been riding for 10 years, is not only an outdoor enthusiast of the Sichuan-Tibet line riders, but also an AHA first-aider, a ski coach, a football team captain, and an antique collector.

② Durian — an outdoor instructor of the China Mountaineering Association, an AHA first-aider, a ski coach Paraglider coach, senior outdoor route planning product manager and motorcyclist finally arrived at the most exciting section of the ride.

There are six bridges on the Yanggong Causeway, with different slopes on the road with trees on both sides.

You can enjoy the feeling of sprint and free fall.

It’s great! In the face of uneven slopes, SDU will never be afraid to carry advanced intelligent sensors, cooperate with the motor to stably output three riding modes, and can switch Longjing climbing at any time as required.

It is no longer an obstacle! The cool SDU smart electric bicycle, which is the most easy point to shoot in the whole process, can make a big picture no matter lying, sitting or riding for minutes! There are “memory fragments” scattered randomly on the cycling route, each of which is the exclusive collection of Longjing, with 4 pieces.

You can get the ultimate souvenir gift after completing the clocking task! Long press the QR code to sign up, so get ready for the fall in Hangzhou! Event details Event date: October 19, October 26, November 2, November 9 Registration time: September 13, 2019 – November 6, 2019 Registration fee: 0 yuan Number of participants: 30 seats per session (the current period is full, there will be a cycling consultant to contact you for adjustment) Free of charge: 1.

Vehicle service: SDU smart electric bicycle necessary for hard core youth travel.


Equipment service: gift package of riding equipment.


Tea/sweet osmanthus picking and making experience: refreshing osmanthus longjing and ancient sweet osmanthus making.


Insurance service: the insured amount is 300000 yuan/share.

[Riding equipment gift package] includes: team uniform/commemorative bicycle key chain after race completion/activity backpack/punch card manual/water/energy bar riding consultant WeChat: qiaoda558 activity consultation hotline: 0571-85333381 [disclaimer] This statement will take effect automatically after the activity starts, and the default registrant has accepted the contents of this statement; 1.

The registered participants are deemed to have defaulted to the rules of this activity.

In view of the uncontrollability of outdoor activities, participants are requested to objectively evaluate the risks of the activity and be responsible for their own safety; 2.

SDU purchases (300000) travel accident insurance for participants.

Please leave the contact information of our staff to your family before departure for emergency contact; 3.

In case of danger or accidental injury during the activity, our staff are obliged to provide assistance and assist in solving the problem.

The medical expenses arising therefrom shall be borne by the insurance company, and our company will not advance any medical expenses; 4.

Have an organizational concept, act in unity, obey the unified arrangement of the leader or organizer, and carry forward the spirit of teamwork.

If you need to leave halfway, please report in advance.

For those who do not meet the requirements of the event, we have the right to dissuade them from participating in the event; 5.

The possibility of abandoning or changing the trip due to weather change and road damage shall not be excluded; 6.

We do not provide any medicine for internal use while we bring common medicine and personal special medicine; 7.

All registered participants are regarded as persons with full civil capacity.

In case of personal injury in the event, our company will not be liable for compensation, and the injured person will solve it according to the law and our company’s statement.

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