How to effectively improve the speed of cycling on the flat road?

The rider often cares about his performance when climbing a hill.

In fact, the cruising speed on the flat road is also an important weapon when riding.

The following simple and effective strengthening exercises can ideally improve the physical and psychological strength of the formation to cope with the efficiency of long riding and flat road.

Use the light gear ratio to warm up for ten minutes.

At the end of the ten minutes, immediately do a few ten-second interval sprints, so that your feet can really warm up.

The main training is two 20-minute continuous training, and the training intensity is maintained at the intensity that can last until the end of the training.

Use the heavy gear ratio, medium resistance, and the rotation speed is about 80-90 rpm.

Do a five-minute light gear ratio treadle recovery between the two training sessions, and finally do a 10-minute light gear ratio treadle at the end.

The purpose of using the large gear disc to maintain high-speed rotation and maintain the use of the weight-tooth ratio is to train the muscle speed endurance of the weight-tooth ratio and high return speed.

This training method is called BRO (BigRingOnly).

When riding on the normal training route, you should resist the temptation to change to a small plate in any case, and step on the slope in a sitting position, including any climbing, to train stronger gluteus muscles.

After you have done some slow rotation, you must do some high-speed rotation to balance, so that your feet will not lose the high rotation.

If your willpower is not firm in the rabbit chase game, it is easy to stop or reduce your rotation when cruising at high speed on the flat road.

If you can’t increase your willpower and focus on your trampling and turning, you can try to be a rabbit in group practice, and the group will start chasing after the rabbit after a few minutes.

This game can make you work harder under pressure to achieve the purpose of training.

The pursuit of the group can also link up with each other’s tacit understanding, so that the group can achieve greater efficiency.

With the indoor exercise bike, you can achieve efficient strength training on the exercise bike to improve the speed on the flat road.

Squat, lunge, lower limb weight training.

Each item is repeated ten to fifteen times for three cycles.

Don’t ignore your core muscle group.

It can provide you with stronger strength to promote a heavier gear ratio.

Do some simple exercises to improve the stability of core muscle groups.

Finally, if you want to ride strong on the flat road, you must have soft leg muscles and strong lower back stretch to keep your body comfortable in a good aerodynamic position.

After the training, you can spend an extra ten minutes to stretch the muscles to maintain good stretch and flexibility..