Precautions for outdoor motorcade riding

1、 Don’t make sudden moves while the team is moving.

Be sure to keep stable riding.

There is nothing in the cycling team that can disrupt the overall progress of the cycling team than the appearance of a manic driver.

Some people will make sudden actions that threaten the safety of members of the whole team.

In any case, the riding principle of keeping smooth movements and mastering the road conditions in advance should be maintained.

The motorcade is a sport that requires mutual trust.

2、 Don’t let go of your hands to ride in the motorcade.

Be sure to keep your palm on the brake handle, the lower bend handle or the top of the handlebar close to the vertical pipe in the motorcade.

There are several reasons why you should never put your hand on the rest handle.

First, you will be scolded by other riders.

Although this is an old problem, there are still many people who make these problems.

Second, putting your hands means that you mainly use your elbows to control the movement of the car.

Its handling is far less than putting your hands on the handle – this is not the way to make you popular in the group.

Finally, in case of an emergency, because your hands are too far away from the brake handle, you have to suddenly sit up to find their positions.

3、 Don’t step on the pedal when you go up the slope.

Be sure to make good use of the gear position change to keep your force application stable when you go up the slope.

Your past riding method may be the same as those of these people – you will sprint hard every time you encounter the uphill, move your hips away from the seat, and pedal hard.

This will not only destroy the consistency of the group, but also cause everyone to break their legs.

4、 Don’t stare at the route or obstacles on the road.

Be sure to focus on the moving line of your bicycle.

Have you ever found a big stone on the way and tried to avoid it – but hit it with impartiality? The reason is simple: the movement of the car moves with your eyes.

If you keep your eyes on the obstacle, your bike will automatically move towards it.

The fighter pilots call it “directional landmark” – as long as they concentrate on the landmark, they can accurately return.

5、 When climbing a slope, don’t suddenly stand up and ride.

Be sure to move your hips away from the seat in a gentle and smooth manner.

When you suddenly stand up and climb a slope, your bike will have a slight tendency to back up.

The correct way is to stand up smoothly from the sitting position, change the tooth position to one or two teeth heavier than when you are sitting, rotate the hips up and forward with the up and down rotation of the pedal, and make the hips leave the seat, so that your weight rotates along the pedal, and do not hold the handlebar firmly.

6、 Don’t tighten your upper body and ride your bike with your life.

Be sure to relax the muscles of your hands, arms and face.

Try to use your upper body as another shock absorber on the car.

Relax your shoulders and arms to absorb the vibration from the road.

If you touch lightly on the tight handlebar, it may cause the brake grip to bite.

Such sudden changes will spread to the front wheel and cause the car to fall.

7、 Don’t run parallel with the wheels of the front car.

Be sure to ride one to three feet behind the front car.

Most of the serial crashes or collisions between two cars are caused by one of the drivers who paralleled the front wheels with the wheels of the next car.

So protect your front wheel at any time, regard it as your most precious thing – fragile, rare, golden branches and leaves, and don’t let anything touch it.

Your front wheel should be like turning in an invisible force field.

8、 Don’t stare at the driver in front of you.

Be sure to look around the drivers who are following you.

When you ride very hard or tired, your eyes may become a little dull, just staring at the driver in front of you.

But if a car falls or someone turns suddenly in front of you, you will not be able to react because you did not notice.

The solution is very simple.

Keep your head up and look through the driver in front of you, so that you can see the road conditions in front of you.

When there is plenty of time, make some actions to deal with abnormal or dangerous factors in advance.

9、 Don’t force yourself to advance against the wind.

When you encounter strong winds head-on, you must dodge wisely and wait patiently for the wind to slow down.

10、 Don’t let the distance between the vehicle arrays widen.

Be sure to keep behind the wheels of the vehicle in front.

Another simple but important team driving skill: keep close to the wheels of the front car.

It is better to spend some effort to follow the front car smoothly and keep a 150cm wide distance from the front car.

Don’t spend more effort to recover the 10-20m gap because of laziness.

Anyway, we should work harder now, or we will have to work hard later.

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