Cycling class | Take your bike and go

As the impact of the epidemic fades away, the travel restrictions are lifted, and the desire to go out begins to revive.

The coming March to April is the most suitable season for travel.

Many riders want to ride far away, Today, let’s talk about the convenience of transportation for long-distance enthusiasts to go to the expedition train.

The railway department has issued a ban on “any form” It is necessary to have a loading bag for your bicycle to get on the train.

Go to a certain treasure and search a lot of soft bags of that kind of canvas.

Or you can buy two extra large woven bags or garbage bags.

The key point is to wrap your bicycle completely.

Pay attention to protect the important parts.

It is both troublesome and simple to get on the plane than on the train.

You can only pack hard bags.

This job can only be handed over to the car shop.

It is simple There are two options and you can get on the plane as long as you pack your bags.

One is to put it back in the loading carton directly.

The other is to buy a special loading carton to take the car apart and put it in.

Either way, you will get a huge suitcase that is beyond your imagination.

This suitcase can only go through the oversized baggage channel when checking in.

Special attention: 1.

Your ticket may not include the oversized baggage cost, Be sure to see clearly when you buy a ticket!! Some airlines in some countries may charge more for this baggage than your ticket! 2.

Once the hard package is packed, you can only send you and goods to the airport by other means of transportation.

Unlike railway transportation, you can ride your bike outside the station, unpack it and then pack it in.

Therefore, it also needs large transportation to assist in entering and leaving the airport.


Taxi problem? After the bicycle is packed in a hard bag, it is difficult to pack it into the ordinary car compartment because of its size.

If you want to take a taxi, you can only choose the type that can hold extended luggage.

It is recommended to call for a car by telephone and clearly explain the size of the goods with the driver.

Self-driving: Take a bicycle to drive out of the city and get off at a suitable section of the road.

It is commonly known as “4+2” However, it is not easy to solve the problem of how to put bicycles in household cars.

After all, the space of most cars is too small to accommodate one or more bicycles of full size.

At present, in addition to removing the wheels and loading them into the rear row or trunk, the common loading methods are as follows: the roof frame – the caliper type caliper type roof mounting frame can fix the bicycle on the trunk rack slot of the roof.

This fixed bracket can fix the bicycle through the caliper+strap Use and remove the roof frame – the suction cup type roof frame can only be installed for the owner without the roof rack.

The suction cup type roof frame does not require high requirements for the vehicle, but most of the front wheels need to be removed.

The installation stability should not be as good as that of the previous clamp fixation method.

After all, the suction cup will be slowly released after a long time.

Special attention: pay attention to the height limit of the roof frame.

The height limit for entering and leaving the property or hotel basement is usually not more than 3 meters, so it is easy to hang up the car.

In addition, some railway bridges and tunnels will also have lower height limits, which should be noted.

Although this installation method of the tailstock is not afraid of the height limit, it is necessary to pay attention to the problem of blocking the number plate.

It is better to apply for another license plate and hang it on the outermost side of the rack to ensure that the supervision and control can take pictures no matter which way you choose to start.

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