Weekend cycling in Onoze – Juye

Good time on the weekend, ready to ride in the wild.

Juye has been to Juye for several times.

This time, as a guide, I took my friends who have never been to Juye to ride it.

Unexpectedly, my friend did enough homework, but let my guide harvest full, and even left his heart there.

After coming back, he never forgot, and planned to go again.

Of course, I still have a certain role.

On the route, according to my experience, I avoided the annoying 327.

Although the country road is occasionally bumpy, the environment is quiet and the air is fresh.

I can walk more miles and see more scenery.

Let’s go to the ruins of the Kirin Terrace first.

The old lady sitting at the door told us that we need incense to enter the door.

We also looked at the door and took photos to leave.

After the site of the Qilin Terrace, you have to walk for 327.

The cart roars ceaselessly, thanks to the dust.

Fortunately, the journey is not long, and we soon enter the urban area.

First go to Chiyou Square, which I have never been to before.

The square is small and a bit shabby.

The Chiyou statue is still very powerful.

The stone in Chiyou Square is very characteristic.

Then he hurried to the Confucian Temple.

The Confucian Temple has also been there before.

I went in and looked at it carefully this time.

Especially the stone carvings on the east wall, although I don’t understand them very well, I can also see that they are good.

I just went to the North Lake Culture Museum to see the calligraphy exhibition the day before, and there is a clear contrast between these stone carvings.

Compared with stone carvings, the characters in the calligraphy exhibition are lifeless and have no rhyme.

Of course, these are all works of ancient people, which are also incomparable.

Out of the small gate on the west side of the middle courtyard of the Confucian Temple, there are also treasures in the side garden.

There are many stone carvings, and there are stone chambers similar to tombs.

The carvings inside are exquisite.

Yongfeng Pagoda is just south of the Confucian Temple, just across the alley.

This is the place I am most familiar with.

Every time I come, I must go there.

On the south side of the tower is the screen theft tablet, also known as the “three unique tablets”, which is famous for its “good writing, good writing and excellent carving”, so it is called the “three unique tablets”.

The body of the tablet is protected by a glass cover.

The glass has not been wiped for a long time, and the beautiful words inside are not very beautiful.

I took a picture through the dirty glass, and I can vaguely see the beauty of the text.

There are many fortune tellers around.

I inquired about the old man who was sitting around and said that Yongfeng Tower could go up.

The key is in the Confucian Temple Management Office.

Suddenly I have the idea to go up and have a look.

It is impossible for Baidu to realize the idea.

Baidu has learned a lot.

Yongfeng Tower is located in the north of the east section of Renmin Road, Juye County, Heze City, Shandong Province.

The Yongfeng Pagoda was built in the Jiayou period of the Northern Song Dynasty, and was named “Yongfeng”, which means to ensure the safety of the people and the harvest of grain.

It is one of the symbols of the ancient civilization of Juye, and is also an early, well-preserved and representative pagoda building in southwestern Shandong.

Yongfeng Tower is a brick tower with equal sides, eight sides and four doors.

According to Juye County Annals, the tower was originally a seven-level tower.

The Yellow River flooded and silted up at the end of the Yuan Dynasty and the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, and Juye County fell into oblivion.

There are five levels on the ground, with a height of 31 meters.

The Yongfeng Tower shows that the ancient Juye ancestors had advanced technology in building materials, construction, design and other aspects, which has important reference value for the study of building construction at that time.

On May 3, 2013, Yongfeng Tower was announced by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China as the seventh batch of national key cultural relics protection units.

Unfortunately, such an important cultural relic is located in a pool with yellow, dirty and smelly water, which is far worse than in previous years.

Why don’t the people of Juye know how to cherish? After seeing Yongfeng Tower, let’s go to Juye Museum.

The new Juye Museum is more than three kilometers west of Kirin Avenue.

It was eleven o’clock when we arrived.

The staff at the door, a young man, is very enthusiastic.

Let’s go to see it again in the afternoon, because it will close soon.

It will open at two o’clock in the afternoon.

Knowing that we don’t have time, let’s quickly enter the museum and browse it.

When you enter the museum, it is really tall and does not look like a county-level museum at all.

I wanted to see it at a glance, but I was moved by the exquisite cultural relics inside.

There are so many treasures in the town hall.

I deeply love every one of them.

Looking at the exquisite jade articles, I think about who carved them and who owns them.

So exquisite that I am greedy and want to own them.

In ancient times, there was such a skilled craftsman who could not help but admire people for making such moving ornaments.

I’m in a hurry to take pictures across the glass.

I really don’t want to leave.

Next time, you must go to the museum and take photos with your camera.

You can’t take all of them for yourself.

Then take a good picture and enjoy it carefully.

Juye Museum, where you won’t regret it.

Half an hour passed, and it was nearly 12 o’clock when I left the museum.

I decided to have Guo’s beef grits soup for lunch.

I went to the navigation system.

When I saw that the house was closed, I was going to find another Guo’s beef grits soup.

On the way, I saw a small shop with a lot of people at the door.

I still sat outside to eat in such a cold day.

This is a pot soup.

Juye’s No.1 snack is actually pot soup.

I have been worried about the taste, so I gave up the first pot soup for the second beef grits soup.

Now seeing such a popular shop, I decided to stop and taste the pot soup.

The result is good.

You can choose your favorite ingredients.

What we want is mutton pot soup, as well as mutton offal, mutton head, mutton belly, etc., as well as boiled mutton brain, eight yuan each.

This is Shaobing (Baked cake in griddle) pot soup.

Shaobing (Baked cake in griddle) is a special dish.

Unfortunately, we have to wait.

We can only choose Youbing (Deep-fried round and flat dough-cake).

I don’t know when to wait for Shaobing (Baked cake in griddle).

Even the table will have to wait for a while, otherwise no one will eat at the door in a cold day.

Eat and drink, and leave quickly.

A beautiful woman is wandering around looking for a table.

Let’s give it to others.

The return journey was speechless, and I got home smoothly despite the wind.

Along the way, I still remember the exquisite cultural relics in the museum.

Juye, we must go again!.