Cycling+Flower Appreciation | Visit the World’s Most Beautiful Spring!

In March, it’s time to open the curtain of the flower season! I heard that the pictures in front of Shanghai Wukang Building have been very popular recently, and the scenery is exquisite only because of the elegant and beautiful tulips.

The Netherlands, known as the “Land of Tulip”, has also reached a high light moment.

We sincerely invite everyone to come to the Netherlands and ride a bicycle to enjoy the magnificent tulip scene.

The correct posture for shooting tulips in various parks and flower fields in the Netherlands is here, with 360 degree shooting at will! Photo: © Shutterstock The Netherlands enjoys the reputation of “European Garden” and is a famous country of flowers in the world.

It can cultivate up to 9 billion flowers each year, with a quantity that can allow each person in the world to receive one.

Among the numerous flower varieties planted in the Netherlands, the largest number is tulips, accounting for about one-third of the annual flower production in the Netherlands.

Some people say that if all the tulips from the Netherlands were listed, it would be enough to circle the equator seven times.

Photo: © Shutterstock During the tulip blooming season from March to May each year, the endless tulip flower fields in the Netherlands are breathtaking in beauty.

A vast expanse of tulip flowers sprinkles the colors of spring, with green branches and leaves, delicate flowers, pink, yellow, orange, red, purple, white, and bicolor, blooming throughout the spring! Photo: © Shutterstock, a Dutch country with 1.3 bicycles per capita and also known as the “Bicycle Country”, is the best way for tourists to visit various cities full of flowers by cycling in spring.

The tulips, symbolizing love and eternity, are blooming in the Netherlands.

The flowers are dancing in the fields with ever-changing gestures.

Riding in the crisscross flower fields, wandering in the interlaced sea of flowers, accompanied by the rotation of the windmill, you encounter the most beautiful spring in the world.

Photo: © Shutterstock This spring, we will introduce some of the most IN “cycling+flower watching” routes in the Netherlands.

The first spring “cycling+flower appreciation” route recommended route 1: cycling to visit the most valuable and beautiful tulips – Kukenhoff Park – Black Tulip Museum – Full View Tulip Blossom Field Park Flowering Period: mid March – mid May Photo: © Shutterstock Kukenhoff Park Every March, the world’s most beautiful flower park, the Kukenhoff tulip flower season, opens.

The spring of visiting the Netherlands begins with Kukenhoff.

Seven million flowers will bloom as scheduled, including about 100 species of tulips alone, with a total of 4.5 million plants.

Bulbous flowers such as tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils compete for beauty, and the bustling scene before us makes people feel like they are in a fairy tale world.

If asked how to stroll through the vast and boundless sea of flowers? The best choice, of course, is to ride an orange bicycle and leisurely shuttle between the flowers.

Photo: © Shutterstock Kukenhoff is not only one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Netherlands, but also one of the most photographed places in the world.

This name not only means “peaceful country and peaceful people”, but also the English name “Cathay” has the meaning of “China” in ancient Western poetry, reflecting the integration of Chinese and Western cultures.

At present, the number of tulips is very small, with less than 10000 plants worldwide.

Breeding alone has taken 15 years, making them very valuable.

So when you come to Kukenhoff, remember to take a photo in front of Guotai Tulip! Black Tulip Museum Photo: © Jack Hongvia Shutterstock rides from Kukenhoff Park all the way southeast to the Black Tulip Museum, where you can uncover all the secrets of tulips.

The museum exhibits ancient bulb flower specimens, wooden flower planting machinery, and a wealth of pictures and videos, depicting fascinating images of Dutch flowers.

Buying exquisite and unique souvenirs home is also a good choice! Full View Tulip Flower Field Park Photo: © Shutterstock rides to the Full View Tulip Blossom Field Park, as it traverses sand dunes and the North Sea along the way, coupled with patches of flower fields.

The scenery is very beautiful and is known as the most unforgettable feature tourist attraction in the Dutch flower field region.

The most enjoyable painting in the park is a 63 meter long and 4 meter high panoramic painting called “Panoramic View of Bulbous Flower Fields”, which can be rated as the world’s largest.

Photo: © Shutterstock: The world’s most beautiful spring is yet to be continued.

This spring day, we will continue to recommend multiple routes of “cycling+flower watching”.

Please look forward to it!.