Cycling+Flower Appreciation | Kukenhoff’s Garden Schedule Comes

The best way to visit the Netherlands this spring is to “ride+enjoy flowers”.

In spring, Kukenhoff Park is a dream for tourists all over the world.

This year, the schedule for enjoying flowers in Kukenhoff has arrived.

Let’s go to the Netherlands and encounter the most beautiful spring in the world! Opening date of Kukenhoff Park: March 23rd to May 14th ⏰ Opening Hours: 08:00-19:30 Address: Stationsweg 166A, Lisse Keukenhof, meaning “kitchen garden.”.

This historic park was created in the middle of the Romantic period and covers an area of 32 hectares.

It was originally the ornamental garden of Kasteel Keukenhof.

The scenery in the park is breathtaking: a clear and elegant pond, a hundred year old beech tree, and of course millions of brightly colored flower seas.

The biggest highlight of the park is the beautiful landscape brought by bulbous flowers, which cover an area of 250 square meters and amount to 7 million plants, including tulips, musk orchids, and crocuses.

Kukenhoff Park was first opened to the public in 1950.

In its first year, it received over 236000 tourists, and has been popular ever since.

Today, the park receives approximately 800000 tourists annually.

Highlights Garden&Indoor Flower Show Connection Garden: Emphasizing recyclable materials and returning to nature.

Tropical Beach garden: Blue sky, palm trees, flowers, beaches, boats, and hammocks create a tropical atmosphere.

Green Tea Garden: A variety of herbs, such as mint, lemon balm, chamomile, chocolate mint, and anise, can be planted in the garden.

You can also enjoy coffee or tea in the greenhouse here.

Cottage garden: A combination of native wild plants and bulbous flowers, providing a unique enjoyment for busy people in the city.

After spending a day outdoors, the cottage is an ideal place for parties, storytelling, dining, and listening to music.

Red Romance garden: This is the most romantic place in Kukenhoff! Indoor Flower Exhibition Willem Alexander Pavilion March 23 to May 14 Various Flower Exhibitions Beatrix Pavilion March 23 to May 14 Candle and Orchid Exhibition Oranje Nassau Pavilion March 23 to March 28 Hyacinth and Tulip Exhibition March 30 to April 4 Freesia and Chrysanthemum Exhibition April 6 to April 11 Rose Exhibition April 13 to April 18 Narcissus and Special Bulb Flower Exhibition April 20 to April 25 Six Blossoms Exhibition April 27 to May 2 Platycodon and African Chrysanthemum Exhibition May 4 March 25-26 Band Dutch Music Performance March 31-April 2 Dutch Heritage Weekend: Spend a weekend filled with traditional music and costumes, ancient crafts, cheese, and tulips in Kukenhoff.

On April 19th, Miffy was in Kukenhoff: Miffy is coming to Kukenhoff! There will be a meeting from 13:00 to 16:00, and you will also receive a beautiful colored painting.

April 22 Float Parade: The float will cruise along a 42km route from Noordwijk to Haarlem, passing through Kukenhoff along the road on the side of the main parking lot.

You can watch the float along the road that passes through the main entrance.

Please ensure that you arrive at the park before 11 o’clock, and some sections of the road will be closed for patrols afterwards.

Fien and Teun were in Kukenhoff from May 1-5: Meetings, amusement events, mini shows, etc.

will be organized.

May 13-14 Romantic Tour: Visitors can immerse themselves in beautiful classical music and 18th to 19th century costumes.

Ticket Information Ticket Purchase Website: Select different travel methods on the page to purchase corresponding tickets.

In addition to basic tickets, there are also options such as transportation packages.

Basic Admission Adult Ticket € 19 Child Ticket (ages 4-17) € 9 Group Ticket (starting from 20) € 18.5 Park Tour Booklet (purchased at the entrance information desk) € 5 Wheelchair Reservation € 5 Bicycle Ride Adult 3 Hours € 11 Full Day € 16 Child Bike 3 Hours € 8 Full Day € 12 Double Bike 3 Hours € 25 Full Day € 30 Whisperboat Cruise Tour Duration approx.

45 Minutes Adult Ticket € 10 Child Ticket (ages 4-11) € 5 Parking (Must be booked in advance) Self driving tour parking ticket € 6 Self driving camping parking ticket € 10 Kukenhoff direct bus departure points: Amsterdam RAI, Schiphol Airport, Leiden Central Station, Harlem Central Station.

You can purchase a bus+park package ticket and take a shuttle bus directly to the above locations.

For detailed ticket purchase information, see the official website.

The introduction has already included a quick plan for Kukenhoff’s trip.

It’s been a year since we missed such a beautiful scenery.

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