Cycling Journey | Hainan Island East Line Cycling

A few days ago, Bingtang Sydney wrote the travel notes “Hainan East Line Cycling, the blue sea is far away, and the Qiongya is full of spring”.

The writing is like noodles, and there is strength hidden in the soft, but the rhythm is faster, and the strength hit the empty place, which makes people feel more than satisfied.

So, I decided to write an article in my memory, which was to tickle myself.

The reason for this ride is that we have to start with the annual dumpling activity on Sunday, December 18.

At that time, we will eat the dumplings and walk on the Jingxi Ancient Road to sum up how to arrange the New Year’s Day.

In the happy atmosphere of the warm dumplings in our stomach, we have an interest in a private engagement for a long-term activity, and the prototype of the activity has been finalized.

The next two days have determined the itinerary – Hainan East Line Ride, starting from Haikou, passing through Wenchang Qionghai, Wanning and Lingshui finally arrived in Sanya.

Under the arrangement and coordination of Xiao Lin, our seven people bought air tickets, booked home accommodation, packed their luggage, and then waited for the happy time after work on Friday! Arriving in Haikou on Friday, December 23, when Bingtang Sydney, Cu, Leizi and Haofang had arrived at the airport, I was still dealing with the sudden online problems in my work, while Xiaolin was assigned a new job due to the sudden visit of the leader, but the plane did not wait for me.

The two brothers and sisters, Xiaolin and I, were forced to bring a computer, and were still working on the taxi to the airport.

When Xiao Lin and I arrived in Haikou, Lei Zi, Sydney and Cu had arrived at the homestay near Hainan University for dinner.

While waiting for Hao Fang and Xiao Zhu, we found a nucleic acid detection point that had just been abandoned and opened the computer.

My work was not over until Hao Fang and Xiao Zhu joined us.

The excitement of traveling impels the express train to move forward.

Just after leaving Beijing at the winter solstice, the feeling of summer is coming.

As we arrived at the homestay, the seven-member cycling team set off.

After putting down our luggage in a hurry, we wandered out to look for food.

Because it is close to Hainan University, and the South Gate Night Market of Haikou University has been famous for a long time, various snacks in the night market are naturally our first choice when we arrive at Haikou.

From Hainan’s characteristic Qingbu Liang, raw and pickled seafood to Chongqing’s spicy hot soup, Chengdu’s bowl chicken, even Changsha’s stinky tofu, Wuhan’s hot and dry noodles, there is everything you can think of here.

Faced with the difficulty of choice, I just didn’t make a choice, so the familiar hot and dry noodles became my staple food.

Unexpectedly, the taste was quite authentic.

I asked the boss where he came from, and it was really Wuhan.

Xiaolin and his colleagues chose Hainan features – refreshing and refreshing, grilled oysters, pickled prawns, raw and pickled crab claws, while I was told to come to roast to eat local features.

After eating and drinking, he returned to his residence.

Although it was not early, he did not have the desire to go to bed immediately.

Xiao Lin took the opportunity to work and we began to play mahjong for recreation.

It may be due to the long idle time.

The electric mahjong table has lost its electric characteristics.

However, it can only be rolled by hand, and the dice can only be rolled by mobile phone.

At the same time, we introduce the five-star playing method of the three-player mahjong card.

Although we can’t understand why the winning party should take a rest instead, this does not hinder our competitiveness, because winning and losing can’t be humbled.

In the clicking sound of the air-conditioning condensate pipe outside the window, the time soon came to 12 o’clock, and finally ended the day before riding with a uniform parallel bar gun I ordered.

Haikou – Longlou set out at 7:30 a.m.

to pick up the car at the cycling post station, install the pack bag, wear the helmet, and set off after a simple test drive.

The first day’s ride route is from Haikou to Longlou, Wenchang, along the northeast coastline of Hainan Island.

The whole journey in Wenchang is on the provincial highway S206.

Before entering S206, you will pass through the Haiwen Bridge, which is a bridge connecting Haikou and Wenchang across the sea.

On the left is the vast Qiongzhou Strait, and on the right is the bay.

There are various boats on the bay in order.

There are fishing villages and coconut trees scattered along the bay.

The bridge is much higher than the surrounding houses, so the whole view is particularly good, and it has become our photo punch point without accident.

After passing the Haiwen Bridge, it is difficult to see the sea again.

There are only asphalt roads and coconut trees on the way.

We have just experienced the first round of infection after the release of the epidemic, and the positive conversion of Bingtang Sydney is still in the stage of continuous coughing, and the physical strength has declined seriously.

In addition, we have been riding against the wind all the way, so we have gradually lagged behind.

Cu has been the first to bear the brunt of the storm.

Haofang and I are keen on shooting, one in front and one in back.

Lei Zi, Xiao Lin and Xiao Zhu are steadily in the middle of the team.

Near noon, I went to a village for lunch.

After purchasing supplies, I found that the rear wheel of Cu was deflated.

After full of air, I continued to ride for a while, and finally it was still deflated, so I decisively replaced the inner tube.

The journey in the afternoon was uphill and downhill.

Every fluctuation tested our physical ability and patience.

At last, we were dried down on the last big slope.

At this time, each of us had stiff shoulders, sore palms, wrists and buttocks.

After eating fruit, we pressed each other’s shoulders to relax, and then rode off again.

The road ahead is smooth, with no more ups and downs, white clouds floating in the low sky, and the setting sun is falling on the coconut forest beside the road.

We saw off the sunset on the first day of riding at a quiet intersection.

The destination is only 10 kilometers away, and Bingtang Sydney sighed: “Alas…

it’s not easy!” We can only reply: “Come on!” when we are tired.

Then there is a long silence.

After 110 kilometers of cycling, we finally arrive at the Dragon Tower before dark.

Taking a bath simply washes out the fatigue of our whole body, and we set out to find delicious food to comfort our hard work all day.

There is no shortage of coconut.

We eat coconut chicken hotpot, and another person holds one.

The coconut juice that used to be weak is also strong and mellow.