In 2022, the result of riding in Hainan is that you return after half the way to the sun

How many plans to be trapped in the epidemic situation in 2022 have gone to naught until the end of the year, when the situation suddenly changed and the control was lifted, the plan to go out of Meilan Port and stop at Haikou in Longdongbao, Hainan, the first stop must be the arcade, decorated with flowers, climbing to the wall, the history of opening the port started, the century-old street of the Southern Song Dynasty flourished in the shops of the Ming and Qing dynasties, the old shops of the southern style, the old shops, the goods, the leisure, the warm heart, the May 7 cycling service, the complete rental service, the supporting kit, the Baotou, the helmet, the stupid general shunter, the quick work, the exquisite skills In the morning of the first day of cycling, we set out in the morning of Xixili light rain, and the roadside breakfast was always good and cheap.

The famous house of Han’s family closed the gate of the space base and the beautiful view of rocket liftoff.

We stayed in the eastern suburb of the coconut forest and added an egg that was raw hot porridge.

Hot food tastes delicious.

Wenchang food, coconut soup, chicken, is not tired of eating.

We are not tired of eating.

We are not tired of eating.

We are not tired of eating.

We are not tired of riding in the sea for two days.

We pass through Wenchang and then walk through the coconut forest space avenue.

Qinglan bridge, Tanmen dock, fishing boat, mast sail, South China Sea archaeological relics can Tianlan Hailan oblique boat fishing on the beach during the picturesque Boao dinner and a cup of happy riding don’t need too much riding on the three-day Boao start forum for Asia is famous for the coconut trees on the shore of the Sanqin Bay, the swallows cave, the tidal water, the sound of the waves, the sound of the waves, the sound of the rocks, the sky, the mirror of the sand beach, the golden sea, the view of the tidal field, the pastoral song, the four-day riding lighthouse, the view of the sea, the Chinese peninsula, the punch card net, the red shock waves, the flying beads, the jade splashing, the fishing boat, the fishing boat, the distance of the Shimei Bay side tour People are happy to tread on the sand, surf, dive, glide, glide, and yacht.

They have everything they want.

They can freely choose to extend on your coast.

They can turn to the west and ride to the mountains and mountains.

They can leave their shadow on the Wanning Hero Slope.

They can fly down the mountain.

They can fly down the mountain.

They can continue to drive through Lingshui Qianlu.

They can’t stop their wheels.

They can’t see the coast.

They feel a little tired.

They sleep early last night in England.

They feel different from the current test antigen.

Sheep have been thinking for a long time.

They can’t go straight to Sanya to change their journey.

Haitang Bay High-end gathering on the coast, being circled and drifting across the road, and encountering the beach in the forest, only hearing the sound of the waves, no one put down the bicycle for a while, and the time was in a daze.

The heart was still open in the Yalong Bay, which was still bustling with Hailanza fine tourists, such as the cloud, beautiful and handsome men, flocked to the luxury car, the open-top super-running, roaring, the sunset, the sunset, the sunset, the sunset, and the golden Hainan cycling started in Haikou, and finally ended in 345 days in Sanya.

Although there are regrets, the beautiful scenery is not lost.

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