[Activity] Cycling in Xishuangbanna – deeply experience the charm of southern Yunnan.

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Highlights of 2023 activities: 1.

Xishuangbanna cycling – deeply experience the charm of southern Yunnan.

2、 Hainan Cycling – paddle, camping, sailing new experience III, pilgrimage to Meili, hiking in the rain avalanche – the most spectacular snowy mountains – the following is the details of Xishuangbanna cycling – staggered peak outing: 2999 yuan December 10, December 17, December 24, January 5 February 10, February 15, February 20, February 25, March 4, March 11, March 18, March 25 peak season outing: 3299 yuan December 31, January 10, January 15 Spring Festival outing on January 30 and February 4: 3999 yuan/person, activity consultation and registration on January 20 and January 25: If you have no doubt, you can scan the QR code below to sign up D1: assemble in the afternoon, warm up for 5 kilometers, and gather in the hotel hall at the evening of the night market of Xingguang in the evening, to carry out the warm-up teaching of cycling, and then try riding on the bank of the Lancang River.

In the evening, enjoy the welcome dinner (peacock banquet) with Banna characteristics, explain the precautions of the leader, and break the ice before leaving.

After that, I volunteered to go to the Xingguang Night Market to punch in, visit the village freely, and return to the hotel at night.

D2: Jinghong – Lancang River – General Buddhist Temple – Dai Nationality Park – Menghan, ride 40 kilometers from Jinghong to visit the General Buddhist Temple, and ride along the magnificent Lancang River.

Most of the roads on the same day can be adapted as soon as possible.

Menghan has lunch.

In the afternoon, go to the Dai Nationality Park to watch the theater dance performance and experience the atmosphere of the Water Splashing Festival.

After riding around the Dai village of Olive Dam, return to the hotel before sunset and have free activities.

D3: Menghan-Manyuan Dai Village – Mushroom House – Village Cycling – Botanical Garden – Menglun, 55 kilometers from Menghan, ride to Manyuan Village, follow the leader to cycle through the countryside path, feel the Dai style, ride to the desired life scenery, and taste local fresh fruit on the way.

In the afternoon, ride to Menglun along the tree-lined tropical forest, visit the Tropical Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences on foot, and have free activities in the evening.

D4: Menglun – primeval forest – Jinuo Mountain – tea making and tea tasting – Dai flavor barbecue, ride 50 kilometers of primeval forest mountain winding road, and pass through the uninhabited area where wild elephants appear all the way.

This is the most challenging day of the trip.

After lunch, arrive at Jinuo Township in the afternoon and check in, go to the tea house by bike, taste tea, learn the tea making process and technology, and experience the tea cake making (tea can be picked before November), After washing and recuperating, we will taste authentic Dai barbecue together in the evening.

D5: Jino Mountain – Tropical Rainforest Hiking – Jinghong – Night Show Dai Di, 30 km ride under the guidance of Jino people, walk into the tropical rainforest, walk through the original rainforest, then go downhill, return to Jinghong Hotel before 4 o’clock to check in, camp ceremony, issue certificates and medals, take you to experience the authentic Dai Di in the evening, after playing, return to the hotel freely.

D6: Check out by yourself – free activities in the morning, check out, and return to your warm home after the trip.


Personal equipment: brand mountain bike, helmet, gloves, scarf, raincoat, safety vest (uniform distribution); Cushion, pack bag, front bag (apply for use).


Excellent leader: arrange accommodation, lead the team to break the wind, and adjust and repair vehicles (support and leader for 6 people or less).


Support vehicle: accompany the whole journey, rescue the route, load luggage and reduce the load.


Accommodation: 5-night standard room of independent bathroom and comfortable hotel.


Tickets for tourist attractions: the first ticket for the Dai Folk Garden and the Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Experience activities: water splashing, tea making, tea tasting, rainforest hiking, night Dai Di in Dai Nationality Park.


Meals: 5 breakfasts, 2 special dinners 8.

Photographers: 10 or more photographers to take pictures, and 9 or less to lead the team to take pictures.


Exclusive gifts: certificate medal, 20 million+5 million outdoor insurance, travel gift bag, mineral water, fruit.


Public equipment: interphone, tyre repair and inflating tools, first-aid kit and medicine (iodophor, alcohol, Yunnan Baiyao, mosquito bites, etc.; please provide other medicine if necessary).


Large transportation costs from the city to Xishuangbanna.


Other expenses include additional expenses not included in.


The hotel defaults to two people and one room.

If one person is required to stay alone, the difference between the two rooms must be compensated.

500 yuan should be compensated during the peak period, 650 yuan should be compensated during the peak season, and 1200 yuan should be compensated during the Spring Festival.

Precautions/Refund and change regulations Suggested equipment: necessary: ID card, daily necessities (for environmental protection, it is recommended to bring your own toiletries), mobile phone, power pack, and sunscreen.

Recommended equipment: umbrella, dry food, snacks, quick-drying clothes, personal medicine, riding sunglasses, camera, sports pants, sports shoes.

Warm tips: 1.

Xishuangbanna has a tropical monsoon climate, where there is no winter in summer, and the average temperature in winter is about 13-25 degrees.

Please take your summer and winter clothes and prepare for sun protection.

2 Please obey the traffic rules during the big housework.

The team members must line up, not chase and fight, obey the leader’s arrangement, and wear safety clothes when riding.

3 Please carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, protect the natural environment, do not litter, and do not pick fruits or crops on the roadside at will.

4 This activity is a semi-self-help cycling activity.

It advocates mutual help, solidarity and fraternity.

It is too demanding, has a big attitude, and likes nanny service.

Please do not sign up.

5 Encourage team members to challenge themselves and insist on riding the whole journey.

It is not recommended to take the security car for a long time.

Each ride time should not exceed 1 hour.

The issuance of riding certificate is based on the time and number of rides (except for heatstroke, illness and other accidents).