Riding towards a happy and healthy distance | Dong Mingxiang

Speaking of cycling, I have adhered to this habit for seven or eight years.

Now, in retrospect, it is not easy.

It’s interesting to talk about the cycling experience of these seven or eight years, and share it with friends.

At the end of the spring of 2015, several colleagues of the school bought mountain bikes and rode to and from work every day.

I think it’s very fashionable.

Although people in their forties have a fashionable heart, they spend more than 2000 yuan to buy a mountain bike and ride to and from work every day.

Those colleagues have had a new feeling.

They may also be tired of cycling.

Most of the cars have been put into storage and started driving cars.

Sometimes when I get tired, I change to an electric bike and ride a mountain bike if I want to go far away.

In life, there is often a phenomenon that people can go to a far place, but few have been to a close place.

I usually like to take a ride.

Riding an electric bike can’t be too far, it’s only a few tens of miles, but riding a mountain bike is much more convenient.

As long as you have strength and perseverance, you can reach “poetry and distance”.

I’m an office worker.

I can’t ride too far.

In a normal day, you have to go home at most two days, and the so-called distance is only two or three hundred miles.

The distance of the first ride was Huai’an, the hometown of the Prime Minister.

It took more than 200 miles back and forth.

At that time, I made an appointment with a cyclist, but he broke the appointment temporarily, so I had to fling my head and set out at more than six o’clock in the morning, and arrived at Huai’an at more than eight o’clock.

Although I had been to Huai’an many times, I went there by car, only in a hurry.

If I visited Huai’an City carefully, it would be the first time.

I basically visited the downtown area of Huai’an: railway station, bus station, water ferry, Bochishan Park and Hexia Ancient Town.

I enjoyed myself and tasted Huai’an snacks.

At more than three o’clock in the afternoon, it’s time to go home.

At this time, the excitement period has passed.

Thinking that there is still nearly a hundred miles to go home, I can’t help worrying.

But I have to go to work tomorrow, so I have to ride back.

At that time, his legs were numb and heavy as lead, so he had to stop riding and sweat.

He had already drunk all the water he bought.

When he arrived at a convenience store, he bought water and other food to satisfy his hunger.

At that time, I was a little regretful.

I shouldn’t have recharged like this, but regretting was useless.

I only had a firm belief: I must ride home.

In this way, it took more than five hours to get home.

After arriving home, he reluctantly took a bath and slept at the end.

The next morning, at the urging of his wife, he was reluctant to get up and go to work.

This ride in Huai’an should be unforgettable.

Strange to say, with this ride in Huai’an, I don’t feel tired after going 40 or 50 miles to and from work.

On the contrary, I ride more and more easily and gradually develop the habit of loving cycling.

With the first long distance ride, there will be several long trips later.

Ride to Hongze in the west and taste the small fish potstickers; Ride to Yancheng in the east to enjoy the wetland scenery; Ride to Gaoyou in the south to relive the three years of my alma mater.

It can be said that every ride in the distance is worth writing.

If there are a series of small articles about riding in the future, they will be detailed.

This is a foreshadowing.

The above is about riding in the distance, and there are more near rides.

As soon as I have free time, I will ride around with my friends or one person, and I have basically visited Baoying County and its surrounding areas.

Even in the remote countryside, there are still traces of my car.

During the ride, I enjoyed the beautiful scenery of my hometown: the colorful lotus flowers in Sheyang Lake in the east make me linger; The blooming peach blossoms in the south summer set off with me; The beautiful scenery of Shanyang Lake in the west makes me feel relaxed and happy; The thousand-year-old pagoda in Caodian in the north allows me to travel through the ancient history of my hometown.

I love this beautiful land.

She makes me intoxicated and loves the simple people in my hometown.

When I was thirsty, I poured a cup of water at my hometown.

My hometown was warm and generous.

I felt happy with him.

Encounter riding friends and talk with them all the way.

They are happy and harmonious.

I have been riding for several years, and I feel that there have been some changes.

I think there are many benefits.

First of all, you should be healthy and happy.

At first, I often felt dizzy and upset, but now I’m much better.

Secondly, basically keep the body intact, and there is no big belly common to men in their fifties.

I don’t avoid eating at ordinary times.

I can eat and drink when I want.

Through riding, the energy is basically balanced.

From an economic point of view, apart from the cost of buying a car, there is no other consumption except for the big leather on the rear wheel of the car which has been changed twice.

It should be said that it is the most economical and environmentally friendly.

Finally, I concluded that in the past few years of cycling, I have also developed strong perseverance and learned a truth: cycling is fresh at first, and then tired.

After a period of “suffering”, after forming habits, the benefits of happiness will be much more.

This is true of cycling.

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