You can’t imagine the changes brought by cycling!

Big black hair legs scare away the audience first.

Let’s talk about this when we were young.

When I was a child, a little friend in the same village had a bicycle and twenty-eight bars.

He rode around the village all day.

He was envious of all kinds, just like drooling at food.

Because I had a good relationship with children, then I rubbed others’ cars and learned to ride a bike, which was probably in the third and fourth grade of primary school.

In the sixth grade, my parents come back from working in other places.

They usually go home every three or four years.

It’s a rare opportunity.

I clamored to buy a bike, and finally bought a bike with more than 100 yuan in the tall county.

At that time, I felt that I had never seen so much money! Then the first time I rode my car on the road, I saw someone in front of me who didn’t dare to cross over for fear of hitting someone.

After the weekend, I rode my bike everywhere, more than ten kilometers to the nearby towns and counties.

At that time, it was more than ten kilometers away, just like when I was a child, I felt that the tree behind the door was so big, the primary school classroom was so big, and the wild swimming pond in the village was so big.

In high school, I made an appointment with my classmates to go to Tibet by bike.

I graduated from high school in 2008, but there is no source of income.

Cycling has been stranded.

When I was in college, I didn’t dare to ask my parents for money to buy a bike.

Then I rented a car at school and rode around.

The car was very broken, my ass hurt and I was very happy.

After working for 11 years, I spent nearly a month’s salary to buy a bicycle – giante atx660, and then rode to and from work every day.

Just at that time, I was dating a sister, and then put my bike at the door of the company to go shopping with my sister.

I came back an hour later and the car was gone.

I lost it in less than a month.

I wanted to cry without tears.

But the girl became a female ticket, oh It should be said that it’s an ex girlfriend.

Now it’s someone else’s wife (trapped in the memory of the appearance of my ex girlfriend, I also had a girlfriend).

I bought another bike in 12 years, which is also the introduction series atx670 of giante.

In view of the last car loss incident, the car will not be placed in the public parking place, but in the controllable range of vision.

After a lot of nonsense, I can finally talk about cycling seriously.

Then there was a three-day holiday, so I decided to ride home, about 240 kilometers.

Starting at six in the morning, the tire was very inflated.

As a result, it didn’t take long for the tire to burst.

I didn’t have any repair tools.

I waited until the repair shop opened and repaired it.

It seemed very frustrating.

Then it rained again on the road.

I had to ride home whatever I said, so I rode in the rain for several hours.

It rained heavily around 10 pm.

There was no flashlight and it was still very cold.

There were more than 20 kilometers from home.

I had no choice but to call a van and drag my bike home.

Send a screenshot of what you said that year.

Many people say I’m keyboard man.

I ride 210 kilometers in the rain for 5 hours.

They all say it’s from morning to 11 pm, including five hours in the rain.

Then on the third day, he rode from home to work.

This time, he rode 240 kilometers to the city where he worked.

It was 11 p.m.

By the way, at that time, the former female ticket was transferred to a place 15 kilometers away from work.

There were always so many days a week when the sperm went to the brain, so I rode to my girlfriend after work every day, and rode another 15 kilometers to the company in the morning.

I enjoyed it.

When you’re on vacation, you can easily win 150 kilometers a day.

In May, 2013, I decided to resign because my classmate who agreed to ride to Tibet graduated and he was free.

At that time, the women’s vote for me to go to Tibet by bike was opposed, and my family was opposed.

Anyway, the voices of doubt about people who want to go to Tibet for all reasons are the same! It’s also because I often ride a bike.

In the section from Sichuan, Tibet, Chengdu to Lhasa, I don’t think the intensity of the step-by-step way of cycling one point a day is great.

It’s quite easy for me, the little prince of climbing.

I’m sure you’ve seen too much what x-pretenders said along the way.

I’ll put a comparison chart.

Then, because I resigned, I joked that I wouldn’t leave if I found a job in Lhasa.

I didn’t expect the joke to come true.

I found a job in Lhasa to work and live in the sun.

Most of the lifestyle references in Lhasa are x-loaders.

Cycling is still riding everywhere in Lhasa, basically all over the streets and alleys of Lhasa.

Cycling in plateau areas can still ensure 20 + cruising without changing face and breathing.

The car was still the atx670, which was locked in Lhasa and stolen twice, because it had been kept on the side of the road for a long time (because there were really few thieves in Lhasa), but I found it back, It only means that Lhasa is too small “.

it took 15 years to put a picture of the bicycle on the Liuwu Bridge in Lhasa.

The bicycle was stolen twice and tossed in recent years, and she was old.

Then I was ready to leave Lhasa and start cycling around China, and the car was given to my friends in Lhasa.

At the end of April, I bought a new xidsheng 500 a day, and began the journey of loading X.

then I went all the way from Chengdu to Xi’an to Luoyang to Changzhi to Handan -Shijiazhuang – Beijing – Zhangjiakou – Xilinhot – Arshan – Hulunbuir – Mohe – Heihe – Harbin – Jilin – Shenyang – Dandong – Dalian – Panjin – Huludao – Qinhuangdao – Tangshan – Tianjin.

There was something urgent at home in Tianjin, and then decided to go home.

The ride took a total of 87 days, with a journey of more than 8100 kilometers and a cost of 4000 yuan (excluding bicycles and equipment).

The beautiful scenery, stories and humanities along the way…

Can’t be seen by ordinary X-Men.

Finally, I concluded.

Well, speaking of this, I’d like to give a general introduction to all the experiences of bicycles, and then there are amazing changes.

1: Economically speaking, I didn’t save a penny.

I basically rode around as soon as I had money.

Of course, I personally spent it..