An average of 63 years old, riding through Gansu, Qinghai and Sichuan! Their life after retirement is so enviable

On the afternoon of August 25, 57 year old Huang Bangguo released a new route in the riding friends group.

She plans to start riding from Chongqing to Yichang in late October, with a total mileage of about 1700 kilometers.

After the release of the new route, riders talked about it in the group.

Previously, Huang Bangguo and her riders had just finished a 22 day ride.

Starting from Wuwei, Gansu Province, they rode bicycles through Gansu, Qinghai and Sichuan provinces for more than 2300 kilometers, of which nearly 1000 kilometers were above 3000 meters above sea level.

The average age of the 11 member elderly cycling team is 63, the oldest is 72, and the youngest Huang Bangguo is 57.

On May 29, the cycling team set out from Wuwei, Gansu Province.

Every time she stood on the snow capped mountains, Huang Bangguo blushed with cold and smiled happily.

This is the cover of Huang Bangguo’s circle of friends.

It was taken in Dongdashan pass, Tibet, at an altitude of 5008 meters in 2015.

That year, she walked Sichuan Tibet along national highway 318 for 30 days and realized her dream of riding in Lhasa.

In 2015, Huang Bangguo was at Dongdashan pass in Tibet.

Since then, every time she and her riding friends rode a long way, they always looked for a chance to cross the pass.

The explanation of Yakou in Ciyuan is “a narrow place between two mountains”, that is, a flat and relatively low position of the continuous ridge, which can also be said to be a saddle depression of a tall ridge.

“Every climb is a process of conquering yourself.” Huang Bangguo said.

On May 23 this year, Huang Bangguo and her riders first checked their bicycles to Wuwei, Gansu Province, and then arrived by train from Wuhan, thus starting a cycling trip from Wuwei to Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

During this journey, the cycling team will cross three passes, namely, Laji mountain pass in Qinghai, Mengbi mountain pass in Sichuan and balang mountain pass, with an average altitude of more than 4000 meters.

Mengbi mountain pass in Sichuan.

In high altitude areas, the climate is changeable.

There are four seasons in a day.

The experience of the cycling team is that they must reach the top of the mountain before 3 p.m.

The most difficult part of this ride is to cross Mengbi mountain pass.

The cycling team started at 7 a.m.

and successfully climbed to the top of the mountain at more than 2 p.m.

for more than 7 hours.

Several sections of the road up the mountain are under repair.

Coupled with the direct sunlight on the plateau, it is very difficult to ride.

“I’m too tired.

I’ll come down and push the cart, but I have to continue riding after pushing it for a while.” Lin Hua, 63, said.

On May 29, in the Tengger Desert in Gansu Province.

The driver of a road construction vehicle saw Lin Hua struggling to ride.

He stopped and wanted to take him to the pass.

Lin Hua waved his hand: “thank you, I can ride up!” He felt that if he took a ride on the way, he would lose the significance of riding.

The old riding team are all retired old people.

They said that everyone has the strength of the people of Wuhan to “refuse to accept Zhou”.

Every time you cross a pass, it is a conquest, a conquest of yourself.

Standing at the pass, sometimes standing in the sun, looking back at the road, winding all the way up; Sometimes it’s in the fog, surrounded by a vast expanse.

“This is a real enjoyment.

Other people can’t enjoy or understand the enjoyment of all the hardships they have just suffered.” Lin Hua said.

It took Huang Bangguo more than three months to decide on the cycling route of Gansu, Qinghai and Sichuan.

Among them, she studied this part of the route from Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province to Seda County for half a month.

As long as she had time, she would study the map and check the information online.

Group photo of some members of the cycling team in Laji mountain, Qinghai.

Why are you so serious? In addition to improving the riding experience, it is more important to ensure safety and be responsible for both everyone and yourself.

“Safety first.

Outdoor sports can be extreme, but you can’t take risks.” This is what Huang Bangguo often talks about.

How many kilometers are there in a day? How many are there in the supply station? How’s the road? What is the highest altitude? What time is suitable for departure in the morning? How long will it take to get to the destination Before each formal ride, Huang Bangguo will plan the route, which will be specific to the daily itinerary and what to bring for lunch.

Studying the weather forecast is an important lesson to do in the cycling team every day.

If there is dust, Blizzard, strong wind, rain and other bad weather, they will temporarily adjust the route or rent a car to the destination.

These old people who love outdoor cycling say that long-distance cycling is not against nature.

They firmly oppose the practice of “knowing that there are tigers on the mountain and preferring to travel on the tiger mountain”.

“Life is not a child’s play.

You can enjoy nature only by protecting yourself.” Huang Bangguo said.

Special attention will be paid to the novice.

The accident happened the day after the official launch of the trip to Gansu, Qinghai and Sichuan.

Du Hongzhen, 52, took a rest on the slope.

Because the gear was not adjusted properly, when she started again, the car retreated uncontrollably and fell into the groove with people.

Wang Zhonghua, more than 50 meters behind her, saw that he lost his car and trotted all the way.

“Pain, pain…

Don’t move…” Du Hongzhen cried out in pain, and her right ankle soon swelled up.

Wang Zhonghua comforted and called Huang Bangguo and Lin Hua.

“It should be a sprain.” In order to let his teammates ride forward at ease, Wang Zhonghua took the initiative to stand up and said, “I’ll accompany her back to see the doctor first.

If the doctor says you can ride, then continue to ride.

If you can’t ride, you can’t be brave.

You should focus on healing.” Roadside repair during cycling.

After saying goodbye to his teammates, Wang Zhonghua took his equipment and helped Du Hongzhen to catch a bus first, and then took a local private car to Wuwei traditional Chinese medicine hospital.

“The doctor advised rest and don’t move.” After discussion, the two returned to Wuhan by train overnight..