Yiwu Wolf: preliminary knowledge of riding 318 (self Combing Learning Notes)

I have divided these preliminary knowledge into four parts.

The first point is to understand the basic structure of bicycles.

Article 2: Bicycle maintenance, tire repair, brake, paddle, tooth disc.

Article 3 is the front and rear adjustment of the transmission and the shift of gears.

Article 4 is the preparation and process of warm-up before riding.

Article 5 is the use of riding accessories.

1、 Classification of bicycles.


Road bike (bicycle specially used for road riding) 2.

Mountain bike (xc.am.fr.dh.dj level) 3.

Touring bike 4.

Field bike (competition field vehicle) 5.

Cross country road bike 6.

Ordinary commuting shopping bike 7.

Folding bike 8.

Power assisted electric bike 9.

Children’s bike and tandem bike 10.

Dead flying bike (wheel chain rotating at the same time, solid gear bike) 11.

Time trial bicycle of triathlon.


Water bike.


Beach bike.


Lying bike 15.

Climbing bike (extreme bike type)……


There is no specific description of the type here.

The mountain bike is mainly used as a narrative summary.


The first bike I bought in my life was in 2008.

My father bought a bike for my sister, and then bought me a second-hand bike from a friend of a neighbor in the same village for 50 yuan.

Because at that time, my father’s friend and his daughter finished junior high school, and the car was idle at home.

They spent 50 yuan to buy it and let me practice.

The second bicycle in my life is the one my sister left unused.

I rode it in junior high school for more than two years.

Later, I forgot why I didn’t ride it.

It seems that I often had a flat tire.

(during school days, many school thugs also like to prick tires.

On weekends, they can only push their cars home.) the county middle school is about 10 kilometers away from home, and it takes about 40 minutes by bike.

In high school, because I studied in the county, I was no longer in the town.

So I didn’t ride a bike.

I took a van or a bus.

The third bicycle in my life was bought around 2018.

A permanent bicycle is not expensive.

It costs sevenoreight hundred yuan.

(to tell you the truth, I learned the inside story of many bicycles later, and lost hope for this brand.

At present, the car is still in its hometown, and it is rusted in the warehouse.

However, when I came home last year, I still did some maintenance for it.

The chain was smeared with some oil, the screws should be reinforced, and the dust should be wiped.) now I may have the fourth bicycle in my life.

I may rent it in Chengdu, or I may buy it in Chengdu, or I may buy a brand-new one, It may also be a used car.

3、 Because of the basic summary of riding knowledge, I am still vague about the brand.

Just as a sort of classification, I can only know what kind of bicycle brand is better after a period of self practice.

Therefore, based on these two items, the bicycle sales ranking list of Taobao Jingdong or the domestic ranking list of bicycles are used as a basic judgment.

However, when I searched a bicycle related website on Baidu, I found that a bicycle ranked second, and I found that the list was full of water.

It is very possible that the webmaster collected someone’s money and made a ranking list for dinner.

Based on this logic, I don’t look at the so-called ranking list published by the website, because there is no data statistics at all.

Whoever he wants to rank first can do.

Therefore, the overall data only rely on two, the first is the ranking list of some old drivers who have been riding for 10 years, and the second is JD’s sales data as the ranking list.

The first data searched out, and the suggestions on its ranking list are: giant, Merida, trek, forever, Amini, Hilton and Phoenix.

The data ranking from the second search: sidson, giant, Merida, misel, Fujitec and Agni.

The data ranking of the third place is: trek, lightning, giant, Xide Sheng, Merida, groundhog, Trinidad, bond Fujita, perpetual, flying pigeon, Phoenix, Dahang, Eurasian horse, UCC.

The fourth search list is: giant, Merida, Fujitec, Decathlon, UCC, cedar, Trinidad.

In addition, it relies on search results, official account data, ranking analysis websites, talent recommendations, and B station Tiktok comment data.

Up main comments, as well as a large number of main body recommendations for riding Sichuan Tibet line.

“Giant + Merida + Xide Sheng” is the brand to be considered this time.


a tabular analysis is made on the names and terms of mountain bikes and related cycling.


for the preparation of long-distance riding, I don’t refer to any materials here, but directly use my own method to make a simple description.


Before departure, check whether the clothes, luggage, backpacks and various equipment are complete to prevent missing in the hotel.


Prepare emergency dry food, food, mineral water, etc.

in advance.


Check today’s weather trend to see if it rains.

If it rains today, put the raincoat first and take it out directly.


Estimate the departure time, the rest place at noon, and the riding interval and kilometers.


Warm up for 5 minutes before the start of cycling, with ligament and joint activities.


You must wear a helmet, safety first.


Reasonable adjustment and use of transmission on uphill and downhill (wrong gear, complete destruction of tooth disc) 8.

Check whether the screws are loose before and after long-distance downhill.

6、 Reflective clothing, bells, whistles, tail lights, spare tires and tire repair tools are necessary.


I prepared several sets of clothes, rode to Lhasa and threw them away.


I bought a new pair of sports mountaineering shoes.

After receiving the final list of foreign trade, I looked at the goods.

The quality was very good, but it was heavy.

I don’t know if my ankle would swell after a long time.


Yesterday, the emergency bright light flashlight was fully charged.

I don’t know how long it will last.

After all, it is in USB mode..